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Computing and Communications Research to Enable Better Use of Information Technology in Government


 Information Technology Research, Innovation, and E-Government
Although government can and should follow the private sector in designing and implementing many IT-based services, there are areas where government requirements differ from those in the commercial world, and in these areas government must recognize and act on its role as a "demand leader." The committee's final report examines a number of broad technical areas where government investment in IT research will likely have an impact on the creation of advanced e-government capability, including, for example, information infrastructure, information management, middleware, human-system interfaces, privacy and security, and software technologies.

The report goes on to examine the roles of IT researchers in e-government innovation and approaches that can be taken to accelerate innovation and the transition of innovative information technologies from the laboratory to operational government systems. Although researchers and government agencies may appear to be unlikely allies, both groups have a shared interest in innovation and meeting future needs--researchers gain direct understanding of the real challenges, as well as access to relevant data and artifacts and agencies gain understanding of emerging and future technologies, as well as an opportunity to influence their trajectory. Success in achieving transitions from the lab to operational government systems depends on research management strategy, and the report examines a number of strategies that could be employed.
 Letter Report on Information Technology Research for E-government
This report contains interim versions of the committee's findings.
 Information Technology Research for Federal Statistics
A workshop convened jointly by CSTB and the NRC's Committee on National Statistics, held in February 1999, explored opportunities for information technology research to improve the collection, analysis and dissemination of federal statistical information. The committee's report on this workshop was published in May 2000.
 Information Technology Research for Crisis Management
A workshop on crisis management, held in December 1998, brought together crisis management stakeholders and members of the computing and communications research community to discuss how to leverage information technology to satisfy the requirements of crisis management. The committee's report on this workshop was published in December, 1999.

Project Scope

A series of workshops will illuminate technical and collaboration process issues across topics where computer scientists can develop research projects that would support needs in government mission arenas for better information systems. Two arenas will be crisis management and federal statistics, which capture a range of agencies, technical requirements, and balance among intra- and extra-government emphases. Workshop summaries will build toward a synthesis workshop and ultimately a final report, which will include recommendations for research and other ideas useful for shaping and launching a new digital government initiative through which more in-depth projects will be undertaken.

Committee Members

William L. Scherlis, Chair
Carnegie Mellon University

W. Bruce Croft
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

David DeWitt
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Susan Dumais
Senior Researcher
Microsoft Research

William Eddy
Carnegie Mellon University

Eve Gruntfest
Associate Professor
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
David Kehrlein
Geographical Information Systems Manager
Governor's Office of Emergency Services
State of California

Sallie Keller-McNulty
Group Leader, Statistical Sciences Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Michael R. Nelson
Program Director, Internet Technology

Clifford Neuman
Senior Research Scientist
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California



Jon Eisenberg, Senior Program Officer (Study Director)
David Padgham, Research Associate
Marjory S. Blumenthal, Executive Director


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