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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Environmental Change and Society
Board on Environmental Change and Society
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Research, Education, and Evaluation

One of the important tasks that NRC boards carry out is assisting the funding agencies in developing research programs that will deliver the greatest societal benefit. Another is the evaluation of progress in research or other activities by federal agencies, or other governmental entities. BECS, as in all other areas of its activities, seeks to join together the best of social science research with the best of natural science research to inform the transitions that society will be making in coming years.


A Review of the U.S. Global Change Research Program's Draft Strategic Plan  (BECS,BASC)

The U.S. government supports a large, diverse suite of activities that can be broadly characterized as "global change research." Such research offers a wide array of benefits to the nation, in terms... Read more

Climate Change EducationGoals, Audiences, and Strategies: A Workshop Summary  (BECS,BOSE)

The global scientific and policy community now unequivocally accepts that human activities cause global climate change. Although information on climate change is readily available, the nation still... Read more

Restructuring Federal Climate Research to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change  (BECS)

Climate change is one of the most important global environmental problems facing the world today. Policy decisions are already being made to limit or adapt to climate change and its impacts, but there... Read more

Informing Decisions in a Changing Climate  (BECS)

Everyone--government agencies, private organizations, and individuals--is facing a changing climate: an environment in which it is no longer prudent to follow routines based on past climatic averages.... Read more

Review of CCSP Draft Synthesis and Assessment Product 5.3Decision-Support Experiments and Evaluations Using Seasonal to Interannual Forecasts and Observational Data  (BECS,CEGIS)

This study offered an independent peer review for a synthetic document being produced for the CCSP. It found the draft document to be in a fairly early stage of development and noted several issues... Read more

Public Participation in Environmental Assessment and Decision Making  (BECS)

Federal agencies have taken steps to include the public in a wide range of environmental decisions. Although some form of public participation is often required by law, agencies usually have broad... Read more

Research and Networks for Decision Support in the NOAA Sectoral Applications Research Program  (BECS)

This study recommends a definition of "decision support" that emphasizes communication rather than translation and a strategy by which the small NOAA Sectoral Applications Research program can advance... Read more

Putting People on the MapProtecting Confidentiality with Linked Social-Spatial Data  (BECS)

Precise, accurate spatial information linked to social and behavioral data is revolutionizing social science by opening new questions for investigation and improving understanding of human behavior in... Read more

Evaluating Progress of the U.S. Climate Change Science ProgramMethods and Preliminary Results  (BECS)

The U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) coordinates the efforts of 13 federal agencies to understand why climate is changing, to improve predictions about how it will change in the future, and... Read more

Population, Land Use, and EnvironmentResearch Directions  (BECS)

Population, Land Use, and Environment: Research Directions offers recommendations for future research to improve understanding of how changes in human populations affect the natural environment by... Read more

Decision Making for the EnvironmentSocial and Behavioral Science Research Priorities  (BECS,CEGIS)

Read more

Implementing Climate and Global Change ResearchA Review of the Final U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan  (BECS)

The report reviews a draft strategic plan from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, a program formed in 2002 to coordinate and direct U.S. efforts in climate change and global change... Read more

Planning Climate and Global Change ResearchA Review of the Draft U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan  (BECS)

Read more

Science for the Sustainability Transition  

Sustainability is one of today’s many pressing issues that the National Academies addresses via studies and other mechanisms. National Academies studies relevant to sustainability are numerous and... Read more

New Tools for Environmental ProtectionEducation, Information, and Voluntary Measures  (BECS)

Many people believe that environmental regulation has passed a point of diminishing returns: the quick fixes have been achieved and the main sources of pollution are shifting from large "point... Read more

Making Climate Forecasts Matter  (BECS)

El Nino has been with us for centuries, but now we can forcast it, and thus can prepare far in advance for the extreme climatic events it brings. The emerging ability to forecast climate may be of... Read more

Human Dimensions of Global Environmental ChangeResearch Pathways for the Next Decade  (BECS,PD)

This publication is extracted from a much larger report, Global Environmental Change: Research Pathways for the Next Decade, which addresses the full range of the scientific issues concerning global... Read more

People and PixelsLinking Remote Sensing and Social Science  (BECS)

Space-based sensors are giving us an ever-closer and more comprehensive look at the earth's surface; they also have the potential to tell us about human activity. This volume examines the... Read more

Environmentally Significant ConsumptionResearch Directions  (BECS)

There has been much polemic about affluence, consumption, and the global environment. For some observers, "consumption" is at the root of global environmental threats: wealthy individuals and... Read more

Understanding RiskInforming Decisions in a Democratic Society  (BECS)

Understanding Risk addresses a central dilemma of risk decisionmaking in a democracy: detailed scientific and technical information is essential for making decisions, but the people who make and live... Read more

Science Priorities for the Human Dimensions of Global Change  (BECS)

Read more

Global Environmental ChangeUnderstanding the Human Dimensions  (BECS)

Global environmental change often seems to be the most carefully examined issue of our time. Yet understanding the human side--human causes of and responses to environmental change--has not yet... Read more

Toward an Understanding of Global ChangeInitial Priorities for U.S. Contributions to the International Geosphere - Biosphere Program  (OIA)

Read more

Energy Efficiency in BuildingsBehavioral Issues  (BECS)

Read more

Improving Energy Demand Analysis  (BECS)

Read more

Energy UseThe Human Dimension  (BECS)

Read more


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