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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Science Education
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Out-of-School STEM Learning: A National Summit
PowerPoint Presentations

What and Where is STEM Learning Ocurring
Lynn Liben, Pennsylvania State University
When, Why, and Where Children Learn STEM, John Falk, Oregon State University
What is Success
Out of School Programs for Youth: What Matters for Success at the Program Level, Jacque Eccles, University of California, Irvine
Positive Youth Development: An Approach to Broden Definitions of Success for Youth, Programs, and Communitites, Karen Pittman, Forum for Youth Investment
Afterschool STEM- Youth Outcomes, Anita Krishnamurthi, STEM Policy, Afterschool Alliance
 Characteristics of Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning Efforts
 Understanding and Assessing Success
 Breakout 1: Local and National Youth Serving Programs
4-H Science, Chad Ripberger, Rutgers University
Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program, Jason Lee, DAPCEP
4-H: Understanding Content and Context, Jill Walahoski, Nebraska University
 Breakout 2: Youth Driven STEM Experiences
Youth Engagement in STEM: The Potential of Citizen Science, Rick Bonney, Cornell University
Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, Gail Breslow, Computer Clubhouse Network
Characteristics of Successful OST STEM Learning Efforts, Bronwyn Bevan, Exploratorium
 Breakout 3: STEM Programs Managed by Museums, Science Centers, Etc.
Great Science Academy, Kirsten Ellenbogen, Great Lakes Science Museum
NRC Workshop on Out-of-School STEM Learning: A National Summit, Dale McCreedy, Franklin Institute
 Breakout 4: Afterschool, Informal, and School Collaborations
Formal/Informal Partnership in Science Education, James Short, American Museum of Natural History
Indiana Afterschool Network, Debbie Zipes, Indiana Afterschool Network
Welcome to PISEC, Minda Borun, Franklin Institute
 Systems for Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning
National Research Council Workshop on Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning, Michael Funk, CA State Department of Education
Designing for Activation: Building STEM Learning Pathways for Pittsburgh's Youth, Kevin Crowley, University of Pittsburgh
Techbridge, Linda Kekelis, Techbridge 

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