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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Science Education
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
 Strengthening Science Education through a Teacher Learning Continuum
 Statement of Work

Under the auspices of the Board on Science Education, in collaboration with the Teacher Advisory Council, the committee* will identify the learning needs for teachers throughout their careers. The committee will identify how these needs might differ depending on school level (elementary, middle, and high school). To the extent possible the committee will characterize the current state of the learning opportunities and support for learning that exist for teachers across their careers and across school levels and identify the characteristics of effective learning opportunities for teachers. The committee will also consider how school and district contexts shape teachers’ learning opportunities and limit or promote teachers’ efforts to implement new classroom practices. They will consider the roles of school and district administrators and the professional development opportunities they may need in order to provide effective support for teachers. If possible, the committee will develop guidance for schools and districts for how best to support teachers’ learning.

The committee will assess and describe the strengths and weaknesses of the available research evidence related to each component of a teacher learning continuum. It will identify major gaps, and develop a research agenda for future work on professional development continuums in science. The committee will review and analyze research challenges such as appropriate measures of student outcomes and teacher learning and the difficulty of establishing causal links between professional development, teachers’ instructional practices, and students’ outcomes. The committee will outline the research needed to more clearly define learning continuums for science teachers at each stage of their careers.

Sponsor: The Merck Company Foundation

Information from the committee's meetings

Committee Biographical Sketches

Agendas and PowerPoint Presentations

Commissioned Papers

A Description and Analysis of the United Kingdom's System of Professional Development for Science Teachers by Sir John Holman

How Do Japanese Teachers Improve their Instruction? Synergies of Lesson Study at the School, District and National Levels by Catherine Lewis

Science Teachers' Professional Development: an Australian Case Study by John Loughran

A Descriptive Analysis of New York's Science Teacher Labor Market, 1999-2009 by Luke Miller

The Market for New Science Teachers in Florida by Tim Sass

Committee Members

Suzanne Wilson (Chair), University of Connecticut
Betsy Davis, University of Michigan
Zoe Evans, Villa Rica High School
Adam Gamoran, W.T. Grant Foundation
Kris Gutierrez, University of California, Berkeley
Paula Hooper, Institute for Inquiry at the Exploratorium
Judith Warren Little, University of California, Berkeley
Julie Luft, University of Georgia
Barbara Miller, Education Development Center
Kathleen Roth, California State Polytechnic University,

Irwin Shapiro, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Patrick Shields, Learning Policy Institute
Warren Simmons, Brown University
Mark Windschitl, University of Washington
James Wyckoff, University of Virginia
Carla Zembal-Saul, Pennsylvania State University




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