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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on National Statistics
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
NCSES/CNSTAT Workshop on Advancing Concepts and Models of Innovative Activity and STI Indicator Systems

May 19-20, 2016


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine held the “NCSES/CNSTAT Workshop on Advancing Concepts and Models of Innovative Activity and STI Indicator Systems” in Washington, DC on May 19 and 20, 2016. The workshop brought together academic researchers, private and public sector representatives, and public policy experts to develop strategies for broadening and modernizing science, technology, and innovation (STI) information systems. Presentations and discussions addressed the role of innovation, not just as it affects economic growth and productivity directly, but also as a mechanism for creating greater public good and meeting social challenges such as those associated economic mobility, health, civic engagement, population aging or climate change. The focus of the workshop was on conceptualizing innovation—its inputs, outputs and consequences—in a way that reveals elements that are being measured well and those that are being measured inaccurately or not at all. A workshop summary will be prepared to help NSF’s National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) refine and prioritize its work on innovation metrics to maximize the relevance and utility of its data collection programs and statistical products to users.


Assessing Innovation Measurement: How Accurately do we Measure Innovation Processes and the Resultant Outcomes Delivered to Society and the Economy?

The Emergence of the Knowledge Society and the Implications for Innovation Indicators

Ben R. Martin, University of Sussex (United Kingdom)

Assessing Innovation Measurement
Fred Gault, UNU-MERIT (Maastricht, Netherlands)

Standards for Measuring Innovation: The Oslo Manual and its Revision in the Broader Context
Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Paris, France)

Productivity and Innovation: Recent Puzzles
Dan Sichel, Wellesley College

Innovation Beyond R&D

Survey-Based Approaches to Measuring Innovation: Two Approaches
Wesley M. Cohen, Duke University

Back to the Future? The Evolving Division of Innovative Labor and the Changing Locus of Innovation in the American Economy
Ashish Arora, Duke University

Measuring the High Tech Sector (Quantities and Outcomes)

Javier Miranda and Kristin McCue, U.S. Census Bureau

D&D—Design and Development: An Alternative or Complement to R&D
Bruce Tether, The University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

Robotics, Automation, and the Economy
Rob Seamans, Council of Economic Advisors

The Role of Individuals in Innovation

Knowledge Diffusion, Employee Mobility, and Entrepreneurship
Rajshree Agarwal, University of Maryland

Patent Data: New Metrics and New Linkages
Lee Fleming, University of California, Berkeley

Managerial Practices in Innovation: Some Ideas about Conceptual Issues and Related Measurement
Alfonso Gambardella, Bocconi University (Milan, Italy)

Measuring Flows of Human Capital to Firms: Understanding Mobility
Paula Stephan, Georgia State University

Measuring Public Sector Innovation and Social Progress

Measuring Public Sector Innovation and Social Progress
Fred Gault, UNU-MERIT (Maastricht, Netherlands)

Data on Total Household Wealth Growth
Daniel Sarewitz, Arizona State University

Innovation Policy, Innovation Union Scoreboard, and Public Procurement
Charles Edquist, CIRCLE, Lund University (Sweden)

Capturing Change: A Focus on Innovation that Advances the Public Good
Kaye Husbands Fealing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Measuring Free Household Sector Innovation
Eric von Hippel, MIT Sloan School of Management

Regional Innovation Models and Data Needs

A New View of the Skew: Quantitative Estimates of the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship

Catherine Fazio, MIT

Regional Innovation Models and Data Needs: Insights from Accelerators and Angel Groups
Sheryl Winston Smith, Temple University

Can We Learn More From State-Level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs? Using Administrative Data for Outcome Metrics and Research Design
Rosemarie Ziedonis, Boston University

Regional Economic Data
Maryann Feldman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Advancing Concepts and Models of Innovative Activity and STI Indicator Systems
Thomas Guevara, Economic Development Administration

Innovation Measurement Agendas of the Future

Innovation Measurement of the Future: An Agenda

Scott Stern, MIT/National Bureau of Economic Research

Linking Patents to Indicators and Patent Metrics
Jeffrey Oldham, Google

Measuring the Value Chain of Innovation with the Census Bureau’s Innovation Measurement Initiative
Ron Jarmin, U.S. Census Bureau

Leveraging Local Data Sources
Sallie Keller, Virginia Tech Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory

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