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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on National Statistics
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Standing Committee on Reengineering Census Operations

Project Scope

At the request of the Census Bureau, CNSTAT will appoint a Standing Committee on Reengineering Census Operations to assist the Bureau in its responsibilities to plan for a cost-effective census in 2020 and, more generally, to modernize and integrate design, collection, processing, and dissemination operations for censuses and surveys across the Bureau. The standing committee discussions will address mid-decade preparations and testing that are needed for the 2020 census to be conducted at substantially reduced cost (per household, relative to repeating the 2010 census design) without impairing overall census quality. The discussions will also consider ways to implement state-of-the-art procedures for the Bureau’s economic censuses and surveys. The standing committee will be in existence for a 5-year period, during which time the committee as a whole and subgroups on particular topics will meet periodically with Census Bureau staff and other invited guests to discuss issues relevant to 2020 planning and economic and other census program modernization. The standing committee will not itself produce or be used in the development of any reports. During the 5-year period of its existence, the standing committee will work with the Census Bureau to identify 4-5 topics that warrant further exploration and discussion at public workshops or through consensus studies. Each such workshop or consensus study will be organized by a separately appointed workshop steering committee or focused consensus panel and will produce a publicly released report—either a workshop summary or a consensus report with findings and recommendations as appropriate.


Thomas M. Cook
, Decision Analytics International
Jack Baker, HealthFitness, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Bradford J. Boston, NetNumber, Inc.
Warren A. Brown, Cornell University
Donald F. Cooke, Retired
Ivan P. Fellegi, Statistics Canada
Susan Hanson, Clark University
Vincent L. Hutchings, University of Michigan
Michael D. Larsen, The George Washington University
George T. Ligler, GTL Associates
Louis A. Martin-Vega, North Carolina State University
Nicholas N. Nagle, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
H. Donald Ratliff, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nathaniel Schenker, National Center for Health Statistics
Judith A. Seltzer, University of California, Los Angeles
C. Matthew Snipp, Stanford University
Marvin White, Sportvision


Daniel Cork, Study Director
Connie Citro, Senior Program Officer
Mike Cohen, Senior Program Officer
Jordyn White, Program Officer
Anthony Mann, Program Coordinator

First Plenary SessionFebruary 24, 2015Keck Center, room 201 
Second Plenary SessionApril 23, 2015Keck Center, room 208 
Third Plenary SessionJune 30, 2015Keck Center, room 106 
Fourth Plenary SessionSeptember 9, 2015Keck Center, room 201 
Fifth Plenary SessionJanuary 14, 2016Keck Center, room 101 
Sixth Plenary SessionMay 17, 2016Keck Center, room 101 
Seventh Plenary SessionSeptember 8, 2016 Keck Center, room 101 
Eighth Plenary SessionJanuary 23-25, 2017Keck Center, room 201 

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