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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

The Henry and Bryna David Lecture 2018

Will Artificial Intelligence Mean the End of Social Interaction?

by Dr. Justine Cassell (bio), Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Justine CassellOctober 11, 2018

Keck Center, Room 100
500 5th Street, NW
Washington, DC

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has implications for almost every aspect of our lives.The fears that it has evoked, however, sometimes seem to outweigh the possibilities, and fears about the future of work and the future of social interaction seem to weigh most heavily upon us. Much of what we have seen in AI until now, though, has been built based on data about humans at work (or at least carrying out tasks of one sort or another), and has ignored key aspects of the social interactions that happen before, during, and after those tasks we carry out with others. In this talk Dr. Cassell will describe some unexpected results about the ways in which social interaction supports and improves task performance in people, and how social interactiohen can profitably be integrated into AI, with implications for the future of AI, the future of work, and the future of social interaction.

More Information about the Henry and Bryna David Lecture series

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