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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education


(Biographical sketches of staff are available via the links for each staff) 

Executive Office


Mary Ellen O'Connell, Executive Director, (202) 334-2607
Monica Feit, Deputy Executive Director, (202) 334-2309
Cristyl Watson
, Executive Assistant, (202) 334-2300
Anthony Janifer, Senior Program Assistant, (202) 334-1944
Office of Administration

Ann G. Polvinale, Director, (202) 334-1509

Office of Finance
Lisa Alston, Financial and Administrative Officer (202) 334-3462
Matthew Anderson, Financial Associate (202) 334-2315
Azzure Beale, Financial Associate (202) 334-2322
Letitia Howland, Financial Associate (202) 334-2398
Kathleen A. Saslaw, Deputy Director, Finance (202) 334-2246

Reports and Communications Office
Patricia L. Morison, Associate Executive Director, (202) 334-3401
Sara Frueh, Communications Writer, (202) 334-3740
Eugenia Grohman, Director for Reports, (202) 334-2794
Viola Horek, Web and Communications Manager, (202) 334-2091
Kirsten Sampson Snyder, Senior Report Review Officer, (202) 334-2460
Douglas Sprunger, Senior Communications Officer, (202) 334-1368
Yvonne Wise, Production Editor, (202) 334-1287
Program Units

Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences (BBCSS)
Barbara A. Wanchisen
, Director, (202) 334-2394
Information about other BBCSS staff

Board on Children, Youth, and Families (BCYF)
Natacha Blain
, Director, (202) 334-2286
Information about other BCYF staff

Board on Environmental Change and Society (BECS)
Toby Warden, Director, (202) 334-3453
Information about other BECS staff

Board on Human-Systems Integration (BOHSI)
Toby Warden, Director, (202) 334-3453
Information about other BOHSI staff

Board on Science Education (BOSE)
Heidi Schweingruber, Director, (202) 334-2009
Information about other BOSE staff

Board on Testing and Assessment (BOTA)
Patricia Morison, Interim Director (202) 334-3401
Information about other BOTA staff

Committee on Law and Justice (CLAJ)
Kathi L. Grasso, Director, (202) 334-3239
Information about other CLAJ staff

Committee on National Statistics (CNSTAT)
Brian Harris-Kojetin, Director, (202) 334-2077
Information about other CNSTAT staff

Committee on Population (CPOP)
Peter Donaldson, Interim Director, (202) 334-3218
Information about other CPOP staff

Teacher Advisory Council (TAC)
Jay B. Labov
, Director, (202) 334-1458
Information about other TAC staff

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