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 NASA Technology Roadmap: Instruments and Computing Panel Workshop

Agenda with Links to Presentations March and May

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Workshop for Instruments & Computing Panel
March 30, 2011
National Academies Beckman Center
Irvine, CA

8:30 AM Chair’s welcome, workshop objectives, & ground rules -- Jim Burch

9:00 Panel-1, Cross-cutting issue—technology tests & demonstrations via sub-orbital and low-cost orbital flights [W. Cash, moderator]
Ray Cruddace (NRL)
Chris Martin (Caltech)
Alan Stern (SwRI)

10:00 Panel-2, Observatories [J. Hackwell, moderator] Jim Anderson (Harvard)
Tony Hull (Tinsley)

11:00 BREAK

11:15 Panel-3, Photon detectors (IR, visible, UV) [J. Primack, moderator] Terry Lomheim (Aerospace)
Chris Martin (Caltech)
Ossy Siegmund (UCB)
David P. Watson 

12:00 PM LUNCH

1:15 Panel-4, Photon detectors (X-ray, gamma-ray) [A. Title, moderator] Kent Irwin (NIST)
Steve Murray (JHU)

2:00 Panel-5, Earth & planetary remote sensing observations [D. Kusnierkiewicz, moderator]
Keith Raney (APL)
Chris Webster (JPL)

3:30 BREAK

3:45 Panel-6, In-situ surface physical, chemical, & biological sensors [D. Winterhalter, moderator]
Jeff Bada (UCSD)
Michael Hecht (JPL)

4:45 Public comment session & general discussion [R. Hanisch, moderator]

5:30 Summary & wrap-up -- Jim Burch

5:45 Adjourn


NRC Workshop on NASA Technologies for
Modeling, Simulation, and Information Systems and Processing

National Academies Keck Center, Room 213
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC
May 10, 2011

8:30 AM (EST) Chair’s welcome, workshop objectives, & study overview Jim Burch

9:00 Panel-1, Simulation of engineering systems [moderator--A. Title]
• Amy Pritchett (Georgia Tech)
Greg Zacharias (Charles River Analytics)

10:30 BREAK

10:45 Panel-2, Re-engineering simulation, analysis, and processing codes; new classes of programming languages [moderator--J. Primack]
Bill Matthaeus  Part 2 (Bartol Res. Inst., U Del.)
Bronson Messer (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

12:00 PM LUNCH

1:00 Panel-3, Intelligent data understanding, autonomous S/C operations, and on-board computing [moderator--D. Kusnierkiewicz]
• George Cancro (APL)
• Noah Clemons (Intel) via phone064039

2:15 Panel-4, Data mining, data management, distributed processing [moderator--R. Hanisch]
Peter Fox (RPI) via phone
A. Rajasekar (UNC)
N.Hurlburt (LMPATC )

3:30 BREAK

3:45 Public comment session [moderator—C. Wunsch]

4:15 Summary & wrap-up session Jim Burch

4:45 Adjourn

Please note: If the presenter has given us permission to post their presentation slides then you may view them here. Any other presentations which were provided to the panel during open sessions are available through the NRC Public Access Records Office.