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Committee on Advanced Technologies for Gas Turbines


Statement of Task

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will convene an ad hoc committee to identify high-priority opportunities for improving and creating advanced technologies that can be introduced into the design and manufacture of gas turbine engines to enhance their performance (particularly with respect to efficiency and life cycle cost) by 2030. Gas turbine applications of particular interest are as follows:

  • combined cycle gas turbines to generate electrical power, such as:
    • large, stationary turbines to power the electrical grid
  • simple cycle gas turbines to generate electrical and mechanical power, such as:
    • large, stationary turbines to power the electrical grid
    • stationary turbines of various sizes to support oil and gas production and transmission
  • gas turbines for commercial and military aircraft propulsion

The priority of specific advanced technologies shall be based on their breadth of application, the degree of improvement for individual applications, the timeliness with which the technologies could be matured, and other factors to be determined by the committee. The scope of the study shall include compressors, combustion systems, expanders, bearings, seals, instrumentation, and digital twins (i.e., virtual copies of operational gas turbines). In identifying high-priority opportunities for developing advanced technologies of interest, the committee shall consider the performance of current gas turbines and gas turbine components for the applications listed above, the state of the art of relevant manufacturing technologies, and ongoing efforts to develop advanced manufacturing technologies.

Committee Meetings

December 17-18, 2018
Washington D.C.
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February 7-8, 2019
Irvine, CA
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March 21-22, 2019
Washington, DC
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May 15-16, 2019
Washington, DC 
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Committee Membership
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David “Ed” Crow, Co-chair
University of Connecticut

Tresa Pollock, Co-chair
University of California, Santa Barbara

Sean Bradshaw
Pratt & Whitney

Michael J. Foust
GE Aviation

Brian Graham
GE Aviation

Seyfettin Can (John) Gulen
Bechtel Infrastructure and Power, Inc.

Allister James
Siemens Energy Inc.

Timothy C. Lieuwen
Georgia Tech

Michael Maloney
Pratt & Whitney

Parviz Moin
Stanford University

Karen A. Thole
Pennsylvania State University

Frederic Villenueve
Siemens Energy Inc.

Charles H. Ward
U.S Air Force Research Laboratory

Bernhard Winkelmann
Solar Turbines, Inc. 


Alan Angleman
Study Director

Anesia Wilks
Senior Program Assistant