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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Bast Impacts

Committee on Chemical Demilitarization

The Committee on Chemical Demilitarization oversees National Academies’ studies in support of theProgram Executive Officer, Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives (ACWA) as it executes the United States’ Chemical Demilitarization Program (CDP). This standing committee, in conformance with a 1986 Congressional mandate, will continue independent NRC oversight of the demilitarization program, including the conduct of studies by ad hoc committees formed under it.

The committee meets with the sponsor to obtain information on the status of the CDP; discuss potential studies to be carried out under the oversight of the standing committee; and bring together prominent scientists, engineers, and government officials to discuss program issues of interest to the committee and the CMA and ACWA programs.





Dr. Gary S. Groenewold, Chair
Consulting Scientist
Idaho National Laboratory
chemistry, surface interactions, and analytical chemistry


Dr. Edward C. Bishop
Risk Management Consultant
HDR Engineering, Inc.
hazardous waste, industrial hygiene

Mr. Ronald M. Bishop
Chairman of the Board
AEHS, Inc.
industrial hygiene, safety

Dr. Adrienne T. Cooper
Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
Bethune-Cookman University
chemical engineering

Mr. Sidney J. Green (NAE)
Research Professor
University of Utah, and, President
Enhanced Production, Inc.
mechanical engineering

Ms. Rebecca A. Haffenden
Argonne National Laboratory
permitting and environmental law

Dr. Frederick J. Krambeck (NAE)
ReacTech Inc.
reaction engineering

Dr. Ronald Latanision (NAE)
Corporate Vice President
Exponent, Inc.

Mr. Murray Glenn Lord
Associate Environmental Health and Safety Director
EH&S Operations
The Dow Chemical Company
systemization, industrial plant set-up

Professor Joel A. Mintz
Professor of Law
Nova Southeastern University Law Center
environmental law

Dr. Paige J. Novak
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Minnesota
biodegradation, environmental microbiology, biological transformation of hazardous substances

Dr. T.W. Fraser Russell (NAE)
Allan P. Colburn Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Delaware
chemical engineering

Dr. Philip E. Savage
Head & Walter L. Robb Family Endowed Chair Pennsylvania State University
thermal process modeling

Dr. Timothy J. Shepodd
Deputy Director
Security Systems and Reliability
Sandia National Laboratories
materials and corrosion

Dr. Vernon L. Snoeyink (NAE)
Professor of Environmental Engineering Emeritus
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Illinois
environmental and water resources engineering

Dr. Seth P. Tuler
Associate Teaching Professor
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
public involvement

Bruce A. Braun, Director, BAST
Jim Myska, Program Officer
Nia D. Johnson, Senior Research Associate