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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics
Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics
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About BMSA


Established in 1984, the Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics (BMSA) leads activities in the mathematical sciences at the National Academies. BMSA advances knowledge in the field by organizing workshops, webcasts, roundtables, and in-depth studies that explore key issues and applications within the mathematical sciences. BMSA provides expertise drawn from a wide range of disciplines to conduct independent and rigorous assessment of science, engineering, medical, and policy issues in the service of national interest. BMSA members represent a wide range of mathematical sciences—including core mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, operations research, scientific computing, machine learning, and risk analysis. 


The BMSA reports to the Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences (DEPS). The Board has one standing committee, the Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics (CATS), established in 1978 to focus on issues affecting research and education in the statistical sciences.  BMSA and CATS are a resource for federal agencies and conduct studies that are responsive to their concerns. The dissemination of these studies, through publishing reports, presentations, and briefings, is the main route of communication with the bodies that should be informed of the findings and can act to implement the recommendations.  


Staff and Contact Information


BMSA Professional Staff

Michelle K. Schwalbe, Director, 202-334-1682,
Tyler Kloefkorn, Program Officer
Linda Casola, Associate Program Officer and Editor
Selam Araia, Program Assistant
Adrianna Hargrove, Financial Associate


BMSA Mailing Address
Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics
National Academy of Sciences, Room K960
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001