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About the Forum on Cyber Resilience



The Forum on Cyber Resilience will facilitate and enhance the exchange of ideas among scientists, practitioners, and policy makers concerned with urgent and important issues related to the resilience of the nation’s computing and communications systems, including the Internet, other critical infrastructures, and commercial systems.

The Forum will address a suite of issues related to cyber resilience and the strength and vitality of our information and communications infrastructure including:

  • traditional notions of cybersecurity and trustworthiness such as maintaining security in the face of attacks, resistance to degradation, and the ability to recover from adverse events,
  • ways to foster resilience in the face of natural and man-made disasters, disruptive technological change, and diverse and dynamic user populations,
  • how to sustain capacity for innovation and adaptation and the ability to absorb rapid technological disruption, and
  • ways to reflect the values—such as privacy, openness, trust, expression, usability, dignity, access—and needs of the infrastructure’s many stakeholders.

Policies, research needs, education and workforce demands, best practices in operations, systems engineering, software development, and technological innovation are all within scope. Discussions will encompass research, technologies, design, platforms, protocols, education, as well as policy and social issues and institutional roles.

Anticipated Activities

The Forum will convene senior representatives from government, universities, and industry to define and explore critical issues that are of shared interest, frame critical questions and needs, and incubate activities of on-going value to participants.

Forum meetings will take place approximately three times each year focused on specific topics selected by Forum members. Modalities will include:

  • cross-sector and public-private dialogue about goals and challenges,
  • consideration of technical and/or policy means to achieve goals shared by system owners, end users and other stakeholders, and
  • exploration of case studies to extract lessons applicable in other domains.

Immediacy and Sustained Insight

The Forum offers a venue in which to efficiently examine and discuss emerging challenges and issues as they become evident.  At the same time, as a standing body, the Forum provides a base of long-term sustained thinking and expertise as cyber infrastructure challenges, threats, and issues change over time. The Forum serves both as a readily available source of insight and expertise and as a body engaged and committed to thinking about emerging and future trends.

The Forum will provide continuity of values and expertise, foster sustained and candid dialogue among its government, academic, and industry members, and serve as an independent focal point for honing and refining questions and issues over time that may not otherwise arise elsewhere or through the traditional National Research Council (NRC) study development process. The Forum is designed to foster self-implementing activities by its members and spin-off NRC consensus studies or other activities as needed to inform its future meetings, and, where appropriate, to raise awareness of issues and consequences in the wider public.


Opportunities for Collaboration

The Forum welcomes your input. The Forum's agenda and activities will be developed in collaboration with its sponsors and the broader community. Forum membership will set strategic direction and decide on topics, questions, and themes to address at its three annual meetings. Topics may be addressed in plenary discussions at meetings, through workshops, by working groups, or with other mechanisms as deemed appropriate by the Forum.


In addition to core activities, the Forum is open to requests for potential collaboration. For example, the Forum could assist in making stakeholder connections, identifying experts, providing input to other activities, or disseminating information. Possible collaboration mechanisms include coordinating small stakeholder meetings, convening working groups, or co-organizing workshops. The Forum is also interested in hearing from the broader community about key cyber resilience topics and questions to address in its core work. Queries, requests, and ideas may be sent to the Forum at


For more information, contact Forum staff: Lynette I. Millett and Emily Grumbling at


The Forum on Cyber Resilience is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the National Security Agency on behalf of the Special Cyber Operations Research and Engineering Interagency Working Group.