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Past Events 







Jan  9 FFC Committee Meeting  
Jan 25 FFC Committee Meeting  
Feb 7 FFC Committee Meeting  
Feb 14 Value of Deep Energy Retrofit of Buildings Agenda
 Feb 25 FFC Committee Meeting   
 Mar 13 BICE/FFC Committee Meeting   
 Apr 25 FFC Committee Meeting   
 June 27 FFC Committee Meeting   
 July 27 FFC Committee Meeting   
 Sept 12 Health and Building  Agenda
 Oct 3 Federal ESPC Steering Committee  Agenda
 Oct 4 Third Generation DOE IDIQ Contract Holder  Agenda
Oct  24 Advancing America’s Economy: Building Infrastructure Partnership at National Security Laboratories  Agenda and Presentations and Proceedings
 Nov 1 FFC Committee Meeting   
Nov 13 Federal Asset Management Work Group   
Nov 28 FFC Committee Meeting   
Nov 29 FFC Committee Meeting  
Dec 5 Energy Planning for Resilient Military Installations 



Dec 8 Facility Management Assessment & Assistance Presentation (PDF)
Nov 3 Federal Facilities Council & SAVE International
2016 Government Value Management Workshop
Managing a Government Value Engineering Program

Agenda and Presentations

Speaker Biographies

Oct 19 Leadership in Facility Asset Management Forum
Federal Facilities Council and the Asset Leadership Network


Sept 15 Forum on Deep Energy Retrofit of Buildings  

Agenda and Presentations (PDF)

Dec 14 The Potential Role of Private Finance in Federal Building Construction - FFC/IPFA Event Agenda
Dec 8 FFC Subcommittee on Workforce and Management Practices: 2016 Planning  
Nov 19 Day 3: Building Control Systems Cyber Resilience Optional Training / Demonstrations  
Nov 17 Building Control Systems Cyber Resilience Workshop Agenda with links to videos and presentations
Nov 10 Federal Facilities Council Oversight Committee Meeting
“2016 Technical Program Determination”
Nov 4 2015 Government Value Management Workshop  Agenda (PDF) with links to presentations
Oct 27 Strategically Incorporating Sustainability, Resilience, and Footprint Consolidation in Portfolio Planning: FFC Workshop 2 Agenda
Oct 20 Federal Leadership in Asset Management Policy Forum Agenda
Oct 1 Construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture
Judson J. McIntire AIA, Program Executive, Smithsonian Institution, Office of Planning Design and Construction
 Presentation (PDF)
Sept 14 Strategically Incorporating Sustainability, Resilience, and Footprint Consolidation in Portfolio Planning: An FFC Workshop 

Agenda (PDF) with Presentation links 


Jul 15 Issues and Path Forward to Revitalizing the Federal Laboratory Enterprise: A Review of STPI's Studies on Federal Research and Development Facilities
Vanessa Peña , Research Associate at the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI)
 Presentation (PDF)
Jun 18 FFC Committee on Sustainable Operations and Maintenance: "Making Federal Facility Investment Decisions Simple and Compelling: A Multi-Billion Dollar Army National Guard Example,"
E. Sherrell Crow from Army National Guard ILI-C, Jack Dempsey and Jeff Freemyer from Jacobs
 Presentation (PDF)
Apr 28 Continuing Education Webinar; Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) Implementation Update, Sponsored by SAME Facility Asset Management Committee 

 More Information (PDF)
Apr 15 8th Annual FFC / IFMA Public Policy Forum: Success in Construction, Management, and Resilience of Facility
 Karen F. Lee:"Government-wide Real Property Management" (PDF)
Stephanie Dawson:“Innovation in Facility Management: Positioning Facilities for Greater Functionality and Resilience” (PPT)
James A. Rispoli: “Owner Behaviors – Construction Success” (PDF)
Final Agenda (PDF)
Mar 24 Cybersecurity Building Control Systems  Videos of Workshop
Mar 19 Innovative Planning to Eliminate Hazards & Reduce Risks to Workers; Office of Facilities Engineering and Operations; Smithsonian Institution  
 Feb 25 Implementing the Federal Building Personnel Training Act 2015 Program  Presentation: Brian Gilligan
 Dec 10 New Construction/Major Renovation and Existing Building Agenda-Sustainable Design and Construction
Erin Shaffer-New Construction Major Renovation and Existing Building
Nov 12 November 12th Technologies in the Education and Training of Current and Future FM Workforce 

Sustainable Facilities and Infrastructure in Constrained Environment

Sustainable Facilities Tool SFTool

Nov 5 Symposium: The Workplace of 2025 - November 5, 2014 

Genesis Report Full Report 1029 CBRE

Balancing Me and We

2014-1105 NAS Federal Futures Council Presentation Final

Why You Hate Work, NY Times

May 15 FFC Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Presentation
May 7 FFC/US Courts Forum on Emerging Standards on Facilities Management Agenda with Presentations
Speaker Biographies
Apr 22 Sustainable Design and Construction 

1. Unified Facilities Criteria 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements

 a. PowerPoint

Apr 15 Forum on Sharing Facilities among Different Federal Agencies - Challenges and Opportunities Agenda with video links
Video:Q & A on NOAA's Pacific Regional Center
Mar. 19 FFC Hazardous Mitigation Committee Meeting 

A Utility's Response and Recovery
a. PowerPoint

Feb. 20 Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Committee 

Army Net Zero Program
 a. PowerPoint
 b. Video

Feb. 6 Emerging Technologies Committee 

1. USACE BIM Challenges and Success
  a. Power Point
  b. Video

2. FED iFM-Integrated Facility Cycle Management
  a. Power Point
  b. Video

Jan. 14 Sustainable Design and Construction Committee   Introduction to LEED v4 and Case Studies
Nov. 12 Emerging Technologies Committee 

Obtaining and Maintaining Accurate Infrastructure Asset Inventories
Webinar and Presentation

Nov. 7 Hazard Mitigation Committee 

Resilience by Design


Oct. 31 Forum on Space and Lease Consolidation of Federal Facilities 

The forum is now available on Vimeo; you may access the videos linked in the Agenda.

Speaker's Biographies


Space Consolidation & Workplace Transformation by Dr. Dorothy Robyn

Workplace Strategy by Mr. Gavin Bloch

Steady and Targeted "Little Bangs" by Ms. Margaret Beyer

The "Big Bang" by Mr. Bradely Provancha

Oct. 28 Sustainable Design and Construction Committee The Envision Rating System presentations: Presentation,Envision Fact Sheet, Credit List, Project Application, and Example Credit
Sept. 24 Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Committee Strategies to Optimize Facilities Condition and Maximize Value of Facilities Capital Investments Webinar and Presentation
Sept. 17 Workforce and Management Practices Committee Effective Strategies for Enterprise facility Assessment Programs Webinar and Presentation
July 24 Workforce and Management Practiced Committee FBPTA Annual Update Presentation and Webinar
July 16 Sustainable Design & Construction Committee Guiding Principles: Past, Present, and Future Webinar and Presentation
June 19 Hazard Mitigation Committee Climate Change Adaptation for Built Infrastructure: Preliminary Results on Research and Information Needs Identified in the FY 2013 Agency Adaptation Plans
June 13 FFC Emerging Technologies Committee NASA -- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag IT Lab Project Result (webinar and presentation)
June 12 FFC Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Committee National Gallery Best Practices to Meet Mission and Energy Costs Targets (webinar and PDF)
April 24 Sustainable Design & Construction Committee Building Industry Reporting and Design for Sustainability (BIRDS) web-based calculator
April 11 Workforce and Management Practices Committee GSA Presentation on Implementation of Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act - Webinar & Presentation
March 14 Operations & Maintenance Committee AOC's Experience with Building Commissioning
March 5 Emerging Technologies GSA's 3D and 4D Modeling
Feb. 27 Physical Security Committee Building Data: Mining Critical Operational Information
Jan. 31 Walking the Talk:  Climate Science in Service to Resilient Federal Properties Agenda and Presentations
Jan. 29 Design & Construction Committee Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Building Reuse
Dec. 5 Operations & Maintenance Committee ISO TC/267 Facilities Management
Sept. 12 FFC/IFMA Public Education Forum on Hill Agenda
July 31 Emerging Technologies Committee NASA Space Allocation Tool
July 18 Operations & Maintenance Committee Using Knowledge-based Assessment Data for M&R Investments
June 27 Workforce Committee Strategic Planning for Facilities Professionals
June 19 Predicting Outcomes of Investments in M&R Report Dissemination Forum Agenda and Report Presentations
June 6 Sustainable Design & Construction Committee Risk-based Analysis of Property Vulnerability to Climate Change
April 19 Emerging Technologies Committee Federal Building R&D Directions
March 21 Operations & Maintenance Committee BUILDER Sustainment Management
Jan. 25 Oversight Committee Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act Update
Oct. 18 Emerging Technologies Committee Energy Harvesting Technologies for Buildings
Oct. 11 Alternative Work Arrangements: Private Sector Practices Agenda and Presentations
Oct. 5 Physical Security & Hazard Mitigation Com Cutting Edge Risk and Resiliency Tools
Sept. 21 FFC/IFMA Public Policy Forum Agenda and Presentations
June 9 Alternative Work Arrangements for Federal Agencies Agenda and Presentations
April 15 Renewable Energy for Federal Facilities: Propsects and Challenges Agenda and Presentations
March 17 Workforce & Operations Committee Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act
Dec. 8 Sustainable Acquisition, Design & Construction Green Building Ratings Systems: IFMA Report
Sept. 22 FFC/IFMA Public Policy Forum Agenda and Presentations
May 13 Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Facilities Joint FFC/JMU Symposium
June 3 Sustainable Acquisition, Design, and Construction Air Force’s Sustainable Communities Approach
June 2 Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Implementing TCO in Higher EducationImplementing TCO in Higher Education
April 28 Emerging Technologies Managing Real Property-Spatially Enabling Executive Decision Support for FM
  The VA’s BIM Guide
April 27 Physical Security and Hazard Mitigation No Slides
March 16 Workforce and Management Practices Committee Federal Facilities Management, Customer Service, and Staff Retention
March 3 Sustainable Operations and Maintenance No Slides
March 2 Sustainable Acquisition, Design and Construction Legal Considerations When Building Green
Oct. 28 Physical Security and Hazard Mitigation Navy Shore Energy Program - Energy Security
Oct. 21 Sustainable Design & Construction The New Sustainable Frontier - Principles of Sustainable Development
Oct. 20 Emerging Technologies Sharing FM Best Practices and Resources around the Globe with the International Facility Management Association’s On-Line Community Platform
Sept. 24 IFMA/FFC Public Forum on Capitol Hill Beyond the Initial Investment: Next Steps in Achieving High Performance Federal Buildings
July 28 Emerging Technologies Social Software and National Security
July 16 Workforce and Management Practices Future of the Modern Workplace
July 1 Physical Security and Hazard Mitigation Balancing Security and Sustainability
June 24 Sustainable Operations & Maintenance Warfighter or Office Worker – Converting Operating Dollars to Mission Funding by Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Real Property Asset Management
May 19 Sustainable Operations & Maintenance Blazing a Green Building Trail-Strategies for Assessing and Greening Agency Building Inventories
April 22 Workforce Management Symposium Innovative Management Practices for the Evolving Federal Workforce
March 18 Workforce and Management Practices Facility/Asset Management Succession: Skills Issues, Trends and Observations
March 18 Physical Security and Hazard Mitigation Activities of the Interagency Security Council
March 16 Emerging Technologies Building Information Modeling, Interoperability and Integrated Project Delivery
March 9 Sustainable Operations & Maintenance (2 presentations) ISWG Perspective - Sustainability of Federal Facilities: Past Performance and New Opportunities DOE Perspective - Sustainability of Federal Facilities: Past Performance and New Opportunities
Oct. 1 Sustainable Operations & Maintenance California-based Net Zero Energy Building Renovation Project
Sept. 3 Sustainable Operations & Maintenance Sustainable Fort Lewis: A Part of the Solution
July 15 Physical Security and Hazard Mitigation (2 presentations) 

Security Risk Assessment and Mitigation Prioritization

Costing Asset Protection: An All Hazards Guide for Transportation Agencies

April 10 Sustainable Operations & Maintenance Zero Energy Zoo Study - National Zoological Park
Jan. 31 Emerging Technologies BIM and Virtual Worlds for Federal Construction and Asset Management
Sept. 11 IFMA/FFC Public Forum on Capitol Hill Achieving High Performance, Sustainable Buildings
July 22-23 Joint FFC/High Performance Building Forum High Performance Federal Buildings: Meeting EISA Requirements through 2030
Dec. 13 Government / Industry Forum Core Competencies for Federal Facilities Asset Management Through 2020
Nov. 13 Sustainable Operations & Maintenance OMB Scorecards: Picking up the Pace
Oct. 31 Emerging Technologies Forum Innovative Testbed Processes: An Approach To Improve and Accelerate Technology Industry Support to the Building Lifecycle and Urban Services
Sept. 7 Government / Industry Forum Public-Private Partnerships for Federal Facility Projects
Feb. 15 Energy Forum Energy Policy Act of 2005
Oct. 31 Emerging Technologies Forum A Cultural Revolution

For more information on these events please contact Cameron Oskvig.