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A Cultural Revolution


Keynote: Assistant Commissioner Public Building Service, Robert Fraga, GSA

Panel 1 – “Building Information Model (BIM): Agency-wide Actions,” Moderator: David Hammond, USCG
This panel addressed agency-wide strategies and tactics of Building Information Modeling; illustrating the importance of identifying strategic goals, reengineering business processes, identifying enabling IT, and implementing organizational change to take full advantage of this and related emerging technologies.  Three disparate federal agencies, on the leading edge of this technical and cultural revolution, discussed their strategic and tactical approaches to BIM.  Integral to this are the hidden opportunities for public/private collaboration and partnership.

Panel 2 – “BIM: Grass root experiences,” Moderator: Steve DeLoach, Smithsonian Institution 
This panel examined the empirical dimension of BIM, addressing experiences, practices, and lessons learned. This dimension of BIM brings into play the application of toolsets that, when applied effectively, can enhance an organization’s BIM practices and applications.

Panel 3 – “BIM: Pushing Standards to the Edge,” Moderator: Steve Hagan, GSA
This panel focused on the standards supporting building information modeling.  Key to the success of BIM in the value chain is their role in enhancing data interoperability from planning to facility operations, and their capacity to bring greater efficiency to a competitive environment.