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America's Energy Future
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In addition to the NRC studies listed the Transportation Research Board also publishes a number of technical reports and papers through its various Programs and Journals. You can access those reports and papers about energy at the following site:



Real Prospects for Energy Efficiency in the United States (BEES)

Released 12/09/09


America's economy and lifestyles have been shaped by the low prices and availability of energy. In the last decade, however, the prices of oil, natural gas, and coal have increased dramatically, leaving consumers and the industrial and service sectors looking for ways to reduce energy use. To achieve greater energy efficiency, we need technology, more informed consumers and producers, and investments in more energy-efficient industrial processes, businesses, residences, and transportation.

As part of the America's Energy Future project, Realistic Prospects for Energy Efficiency in the United States examines the potential for reducing energy demand through improving efficiency by using existing technologies, technologies developed but not yet utilized widely, and prospective technologies. The book evaluates technologies based on their estimated times to initial commercial deployment, and provides an analysis of costs, barriers, and research needs. This quantitative characterization of technologies will guide policy makers toward planning the future of energy use in America. This book will also have much to offer to industry leaders, investors, environmentalists, and others looking for a practical diagnosis of energy efficiency possibilities.


Download Report Brief (PDF)



America’s Energy Future: Technology and Transformation (BEES)

Released 07/12/09


The National Research Council study, America’ Energy Future: Technology Opportunities, Risks and Tradeoffs, was initiated in 2007 jointly by National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering and the subsequently endorsed by a request from Congress to inform the national dialogue about the prospective role of science and technology in shaping the nation’s future patterns of energy supply and use. 

The aim of the final committee report, America’s Energy Future: Technology and Transformation, is to inform policymakers about technological options for transforming energy production, distribution, and use, to increase sustainability, support long-term economic prosperity, promote energy security, and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

Electricity from Renewable Resources: Status, Prospects, and Impediments

Released 06/15/09

A component in the America's Energy Future study, Electricity from Renewable Resources examines the technical potential for electric power generation with alternative sources such as wind, solar-photovoltaic, geothermal, solar-thermal, hydroelectric, and other renewable sources. The book focuses on those renewable sources that show the most promise for initial commercial deployment within 10 years and will lead to a substantial impact on the U.S. energy system.


Liquid Transportation Fuels from Coal and Biomass

Released 05/20/09


Provides a snapshot of the potential costs of liquid fuels from biomass by biochemical conversion and from biomass and coal by thermochemical conversion. Policy makers, investors, leaders in industry, the transportation sector, and others with a concern for the environment, economy, and energy security will look to this book as a roadmap to independence from foreign oil. With immediate action and sustained effort, alternative liquid fuels can be available in the 2020 time frame, if or when the nation needs them.



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