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Projects Selected for Joint Funding (Cycle 3)

Improved Trapping System for Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus
Joan Fisher, Scenturion, Inc., Clinton, WA
Mohamed H. Al-Elimi, Unit of Pheremone Analysis, Plant Protection Research Institute, Giza

Biotechnology Tools for Improving Stripe Rusts Resistance in Wheat
Tom Blake, Plant Science Dept. College of Agriculture, Montana State University Bozeman, MT
Mohamed N.R. Baraket, Crop Science Department, College of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Alexandria

Application of DNA Marker Technology to Evaluate Genetic Distance and Disease Resistance in Selected Lines of Egyptian Dandarawi Chicken
Marlene G. Emara, Dept. of Animal & Food Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Mohamed A. Abdellatif, Department of Animal and Poultry Production, Faculty of Agriculture Assiut University, Assiut

Engineering Resistance Against Sugarcane Streak Geminivirus Using Viral REP (C1) Antisense RNA
Ahmed Hadidi, Fruit Laboratory, PSI, ARS-USDA, BARC-W, Beltsville, MD
Naglaa A. Abdallah, Department of Genetics, Agricultural Genetics Research Institute (AGERI), Agricultural Research Center (ARC), Giza

Development of a Sensitive and Specific Assay for Detection of Active Infection with Schistosomiasis and Monitoring of Cure
Michael S. Phillips, Allergy & Immunology Section, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
Mohsen M. Hassan, Parasitology Department Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University, Zagazig

Construction of Antibody Display Library Against Cobra Neurotoxin
Hassan M.E. Azzazy, Dept. of Medical & Research Technology, School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
El-Rashdy Moustafa Mohamed, GEBRI, Mubarak City for Scientific Research, Alexandria

Integrating Molecular Tools to Improve Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment in Egypt
Barry N. Kreisworth, TB Center, Public Health Research Institute, New York, NY
Said Abd-Alla, GEBRI, Mubarak City for Scientific Research, Alexandria

Upgrading of Over Loaded Stabilization Ponds in Rural Areas
Prakasam Tata, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Cicero, IL
Mohamed A. Hamad, Engineering Research Division, National Research Center, Giza

Development of Plant- Microbe Associations for the Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Environments
Norman Terry, Dept. of Plant & Microbial Biology, University of California Berkeley, CA
Ehab R. El-Helw, Botany Department Faculty of Science University of Alexandria, Alexandria

Isolation and Characterization of Triazophos (Hostathion) Degrading Bacteria from Egyptian Soils for the Development of Biosensors
Michael J. Sadowsky, Dept. of Soil, Water, and Climate, University of Minnesota Saint Paul, MN
Mohamed A.- M. Khalafalah and Essam A. Zaki, National Research Center, Giza

Molecular Characterization of Genes Involved in Petroleum Oil Biodegradation
John Helmann, Dept. of Microbiology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Ahmed Gaballa, GEBRI, Mubarak City for Scientific Research, Alexandria

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge [Formerly Dolores Wallace: Reference Data for Faults and Failures for Software Quality]
Larry Reeker, Software Diagnostics & Conformance Testing Division, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD
Tamer Ahmed, National Institute of Standards (NIS), Giza

Geophysical Electromagnetic Prospecting for Ground Water and Economic Minerals
Mary M. Poulton, Dept. of Mining & Geological Engineering, University of Arizona Mines, Tucson, AZ
Safwat Hussain, Earth Science Department, National Research Center, Giza 

Impacts of Lignin Model Compounds on Silica Separation from Aqueous Solution
John V. Walther, Dept. of Geological Sciences, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Edward H. Smith, Environmental Engineering American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo

An Investigation of Natural and Anthropogenic Factors Leading to Elevated Particulate Matter and Ozone Levels in Egypt
Adel F. Hanna, MCNC-North Carolina Supercomputing Center, Research Triangle Park, NC
Abou Bakr A. Ramadan, National Center for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control, Cairo

Resolution of Spent Liquor Environmental Degradation from Straw Pulping with Returning Lignin Biomass to Depleted Soils
Harrison R. Cooper, Bountiful Applied Research, North Bountiful, UT
Adel Kamal Ismael, Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, Helwan Cairo

Performance of Recycled Concrete
Steven L. McCabe, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Mohamed N. Abou-Zeid, Construction Engineering Dept., American University in Cairo, Cairo

Feasibility of Implementing Fuel Cells for Power Generation in Egypt in Areas Not Connected to the Grid
Douglas Gyorke, Fuel Cells Product Manager, Federal Energy Technology Center, Morgantown, WV
Mostafa M. Kamel, Techno-Serve, 10th of Ramadan City

Large Deformation Dynamics and Control with Application to Robot Arms
A.A. Shabana, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
S.M. Megahed, Mechanical Design and Production Department Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza

Smart Composite Materials for Monitoring Structural Damage
Abdel Bayoumi and Victor Giurgiutiu, Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Yehia A. Bahei-El-Din, Structural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza

Bandwidth and Capacity Study for Multimedia Applications over IP Backbone Networks
Magdy El-Zarki, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Tarek Kamel, Computer Department, Electronics Research Institute, Giza

Combining Roles and Framework Layering in Intelligent Tutoring System Framework
Mohamed E. Fayad, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
Abdelaziz Khamis, Computer Science Institute of Statistics Cairo University, Giza

Design Techniques for Next Generation Mobile/Wireless Communication
Mohamed I. El-Naggar, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Mohamed S. El-Sherif, Computers and Systems Dept., Electronics Research Institute, Giza

R&D Industrial Training and Manufacturing Capabilities on Advanced Cooling of Electronics
M. El-Genk, Institute of Space & Nuclear Power Studies, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
S. Wahsh, Power Electronics Department Electronics Research Institute, Giza 

Neotectonic Evolution of the Kalabsha and Related Faults in Southern Egypt
Kent C. Nielsen and Mohamed G. Abdelsalam, Center for Lithospheric Studies, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
Adel Yehia, National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, Cairo