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Projects Selected for Funding (Cycle 15)

Evaluating Subsidence in the Nile Delta using Radar Interferometry
Mohamed Sultan, Department of Geosciences, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
Omar Cherif, National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, Cairo

University of Alabama at Birmingham / University of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine Clinical and Translational Science Collaboration
Mona Fouad, School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL
Seddik Abdelsalam Tewfik, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria  

A Novel Pilot-Scale Application for Bio-hydrogen Fermentation of Starch Wastewater Industry and Synthesize of New Materials for Chemical Storage of Hydrogen
Bruce E. Logan , Civil and Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Ahmed Tawfik Ibrahim, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E- JUST), Cairo

Impact of Global Warming on Bemisia tabaci and its Natural Enemies in Vegetable Crops
Alvin M. Simmons, USDA-ARS, U.S. Vegetable Laboratory, Charleston, SC
Shaaban Abd-Rabou, Plant Protection Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Cairo

Nano-rubber Toughened Epoxy for Energy Absorbing Composites
Mahmoud Reda Taha, Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Usama Farid Mahmoud Kandil, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Nasr City, Cairo

Characterization of North Africa Aerosols and Precipitation Patterns Influencing Egyptian Climatology
Shahid Habib, Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Agency, Greenbelt, MD
Mohamed Magdy Abdel-Wahab, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza

Novel Diterpene Derivatives as Anticancer Agents
Stephen C. Bergmeier, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Ahmed M Malki, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Alexandria

Development and Establishment of the More Advanced Mixed beam Radiotherapy Combining Intensity Modulated Radiation therapy and Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy
Charlie Ma, Dept. of Radiation, Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
Ahmed Abdel Rahman Eldib, Al Azhar University, Cairo

Luminescent Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor Arrays
Linda Shimizu, Dept. of Chemistry, University of South Carolina
Hassan Ahmed Azab Ibrahim, Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Ismailia

Collaboration on Alternative Methods for Controlling Nematode Parasitism in Small Ruminants
James E. Miller, School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Omnia Mohamed Kandil, National Research Center, Giza

Improved Diagnosis of Bovine and Equine babesiosis in Egypt using Novel Competitive Enzyme-immune (cELISA) and DNA Amplification Techniques
Carlos E. Suarez, USDA-ARS, Animal Disease Research Unit, Pullman, WA
Mona S. Mahmoud, National Research Center, Giza

Nanomaterials for Improving Biomedical Imaging and Early Diagnosis of Cancer
Stanislav Y. Emelianov, Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, TX
Hassan Talaat, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Helwan

CMEIAS Computer- Assisted Microscopy of Rice Root Colonization by Beneficial Rhizobium Biofertilizers as Related to Improved Rice Productivity
Frank B. Dazzo , Dept of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Michigan State University
Youssef Garas Yanni, Agricultural Research Center, Giza

Development of Disease Resistance to Cercospora Diseases of Crops
Margret E. Daub, Plant and Microbial Biology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Nafisa Mohamed Gomaa Ibrahim, Faculty of Science, Fayoum University, Fayoum 

Design and Implementation of Experimental High Resolution Imaging Payload System for Nano Satellites
Magdy Bayoumi, Center for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA
Amal Zaki, National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, Cairo

Generating Coordinated Universal Time from an Ensemble Time Scale
Michael A. Lombardi, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO
Safaa Samuel, National Institute of Standards, Cairo

New Approach for Measuring Crop Evapotranspiration and Updating Crop Coefficients in Egypt
Richard L. Snyder, Land, Air and Water Resources, University of California, Davis, CA
Hassan El- Banna Osman Mohamed, Agriculture Research Center, Giza

Solar-Powered Water Desalination: Plant and Process Optimization
Kazuhiro Saitou, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Sayed M. Metwalli, Cairo University, Giza 

Visible Light-Activated Mixed Anatase/Brookite Heterojunction Titania Photocatalysts For Treatment of Polluted Water
Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Engineering and Applied Science, University of Cincinnati, OH
Adel A. Ismail, Central Metallurgical R&D Institute, Helwan

Analytical and Experimental Study of Novel Methods for Cooling Steam Power Plant Condenser
Abraham Engeda, College of Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Ahmed Sabry Mahmoud Hegazy, Mechanical Engineering, Menoufia University, Menoufia

Gene Discovery for Drought and Heat Tolerance in Wheat through Proteomic Approach
Jai S Rohila, Biology and Microbiology, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD
Sanaa Ibrahim Mohamed Milad, Alexandria University, Alexandria 

Mixed Oxide Nanotube Arrays for Solar Energy Conversion: Materials Optimization, Charge Carrier Dynamics and Photothermal Characteristics
Mostafa El-Sayed, Laser Dynamics Lab., Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Nahla Ismail Abdel Salam, National Research Center, Giza