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Junior Scientist Development Visit Grants Selected for Funding (Cycle 18)

Congratulations to the following scientists who have been selected for funding for the Junior Scientist Development Visit Grants for Cycle 18! The Egyptian junior scientists are being funded by the Egyptian Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF).

Applications of Magnetic 3D Cell Culture Technology (Bioprinting) to Evaluate Biological Activities of Herbal Natural Products

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Ahmed Hamed, National Research Centre

U.S. Host Scientist: Mahmoud Saleh, Texas Southern University


Effect of Heat Stress on Bovine Mammary Stem Cells and Subsequent Mammary Epithelial Cell's Regeneration and Milk Production

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Ahmed Abdelfattah Hassan, Zagazig University

U.S. Host Scientist: Geoffrey Dahl, University of Florida

Identification of Receptors for Insecticidal Proteins from Bacillus Thuringiensis in the Fall Armyworm for the Development of Safe and Sustainable Biopesticides

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Moataz Moustafa, Cairo University

U.S. Host Scientist: Juan Jurat-Fuentes, University of Tennessee


Impact of Chronic Stress by Cocaine Self-Administration on Learning-Related Genes of Hippocampus in Laboratory Rats

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Ahmed Badawi, Mansoura University

U.S. Host Scientist: Ikemoto Satoshi, National Institutes of Health


Improving Drought Tolerance of Tomato by Using CRISPR/Cas9 Technology

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Marwa Refaat, Assiut University

U.S. Host Scientist: Avtar Handa, Purdue University


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Protocol Design, Development for Hepatic Imaging and Liver Cirrhosis Detection

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Inas Yassine, Cairo University

U.S. Host Scientist: Khaled Abd-Elmoniem, National Institutes of Health


Metabolic and Biotechnological Approaches to Minimizing the Impacts of Abiotic Stress on Susceptibility of Date Palm Trees to Invasive Borers

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Ahmed Merghem, Agricultural Research Center

U.S. Host Scientist: Christopher Ranger, United States Department of Agriculture


New Era in Studying the Characteristics of Immune Response During Fungal Infection to Develop Immunotherapies

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Mohammed Afifi, Al-Azhar University

U.S. Host Scientist: Meiqing Shi, University of Maryland

Studying the Mechanisms of Immunopathogenesis for Evaluation of Genetically Modified Vaccine Against Pathogenic Mycobacteria

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Mohamed Elsayed, Sadat City University

U.S. Host Scientist: William Davis, Washington State University

Super-Expeditious Assessment of Food-Born Contamination Using Hyperspectral Imaging Technique and Multivariate Analyses

Egyptian Junior Scientist: Gamal ElMasry, Suez Canal University

U.S. Host Scientist: Haibo Yao, Mississippi State University