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Empowered Scholarship: Engaging with the World, Connecting with Each Other


7:00 - 8:30 pm  Reception - Vista Bella
8:00 - 9:15 am Participant Registration - San Geronimo Outside Foyer
8:00 - 9:15 am Breakfast - San Cristobal 
9:15 - 10:15 am Opening Ceremony - San Geronimo B

Welcome - Ray Gamble, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Welcome - Judith Diers, Ford Foundation 
Ford Fellows’ Fund - Jonathan Yorba
Welcome and Conference Opening - Rima Brusi and Carlos Garza, Conference Co-Chairs
10:15 am - 11:45 am Plenary Presentations on Conference Theme - San Geronimo B

Empowered Scholarship: Engaging with the World, Connecting with Each Other 

Moderator: Rima Brusi

Asale Angel-Ajani, Activist Scholarship, the Twitter Edition
Frances Negrón-Muntaner, Decolonial Joy: Theorizing from Public Scholarship
Jonathan Rosa, Community as a Campus: From “Problems” to Possibilities in Educational Language Learning
11:45 am - 12:00 pm Tribute to Leonard Brown - San Geronimo B
12:00 - 1:30 pm Lunch - San Cristobal 
1:30 - 5:00 pm

One-on-One Advising - San Geronimo C
One-on-One Meetings with Press Representatives - San Geronimo C
1:30 - 2:45 pm Academic Exchange Sessions I 

Biological and Biomedical Sciences I - Flamingo A
Moderator: Aixa Alfonso
Alexandra Corella,
Identification of therapeutic vulnerabilities in small-cell neuroendocrine prostate cancer
Lam-Kiu Fong, The Functional Consequences of Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Mutations on Microglial Receptor TREM2
Carlos Guzman, Characterizing the molecular mechanisms of enhancer-promoter function

Cultural Studies & Gender Studies I - Flamingo C
Moderator: Rhacel Parreñas
Laura Patricia Minero, Psychological Impact of Detention Proceedings and Solitary Confinement on Latinx, Transgender, Undocumented and Asylum Seeking Immigrants
Jonnelle Sophia Walker, Return of the Muskrat: Anishinaabeg Futurities Beyond the Anthropocene
Pamela Walker, Signed, Sealed, Deliverance: Rural Black Women Writing from the Most Southern Place on Earth, 1962-1970

Ethnic Studies - Tropical C
Moderator: Carla Willard
Chika Oscar Okafor,
Black & Blue Matters: An Empirical Analysis of Everyday Policing After Ferguson
Gregorio Ortiz, Fracking, Uneven Development, and the Cultural Politics of Difference on the Eagle Ford Shale
Daisy Vazquez Vera, Representation Brokers: Advocacy Organizations and the Genesis of Sub-Federal Immigration Policy

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities I - Flamingo B
Moderator: Juan A. Giusti-Cordero
Christina Ashurina Aushana,
Staging Power, Screening Others: Performance Paradigms for Policing and Ethnography
Jaime Sanchez, "It Takes a Woman": Gender Politics and the Transformation of the Democratic Party
Dinorah Yahaida Sánchez Loza, Educating the Right: ‘Neutral’ Pedagogy and the (Re)Production of Settler Politics in US Government Classrooms in Ohio

Molecular and Cell Biology - Tropical A
Moderator: Rita D. Colon-Urban
Erika María López-Alfonzo,
Deciphering the mechanisms of substrate processing by the 26S proteasome
Michael Dan Mandler, Discovery that novobiocin engages an essential Gram-negative bacterial machine
Jaimie Marie Stewart, Design, synthesis, and characterization of DNA origami for the detection of biomolecules

Performance and Ethnomusicology; Art History and Film & Media Studies - Salon del Mar A
Moderator: Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
Alexandrina Renee Agloro,
Games in Unexpected Places
Eunsong Kim, The Politics of Collecting: Property, Race & Aesthetic Formation
Ashlie Andrea Sandoval, Design's Hold: Black Labor and the Problem of Architecture

Physical Science and Mathematics I - Flamingo D
Moderator: James H. Curry
Octavio Cesar Mesner,
Graphical Structure Learning for Mixed Data
Melissa Melendez-Oyola, Effects of nearshore processes on carbonate chemistry dynamics and ocean acidification

Psychology - Tropical B
Moderator: Alex Chaparro
Devon S. Isaacs,
Rumination as a factor for mood disorders and substance abuse among a Northern Plains Indian sample
Keanan Joel Joyner, Racial Differences in Neurobehavioral Traits
Andrew Estrada Phuong, Evaluating an Adaptive Equity-Oriented Pedagogy Using Hierarchical and Longitudinal Modeling: Increasing Equity in Student Outcomes in Higher Education Across STEM, Humanities, and the Social Sciences

Social Sciences - Salon del Mar B
Moderator: Tyson King-Meadows
Marva Vernelle Goodson,
Crime-Involved Women’s Egocentric Networks and Access to Needed Resources
Erika Hernandez, Beyond a Psychology of European Americans: Consejos and Emotion in Latinx Families
Jasmine Nicole Olivier, The Community Policing Commandments: the interplay between roles and behavior
2:45 - 3:45 pm Poster Session - Las Olas
3:45 - 5:00 pm  Academic Exchange Sessions II

Biological and Biomedical Sciences II - Flamingo A
Moderator: Aixa Alfonso
Isola Brown,
Zika Virus Localizes to Vascular Endothelial Cells and Regulates Blood Pressure in an Animal Model of Viral Infection
Stephanie Holden, C1q complement pathway mediates long-term circuit plasticity after brain trauma
Kennda Lynch, The Pilot Valley Basin, Utah: A Model System for Studying Subsurface Life on Early Earth, Mars, and Beyond

Cultural Studies & Gender Studies II - Flamingo C
Moderator: Kathryn Shanley
Kassidi Shuron Jones,
To Bury Our Griefs in Some Silvery Stream: Tracing Nineteenth-Century Black Hydropoetics
Nolan Krueger, Examining Suicidal Ideation in Multiracial College Students: A Strengths-Based, Resilience-Oriented Approach
Brendane Arrica Tynes, 'I Can't Die. I Won't': The Radical Reimagination of the Afterlives of Black Women and Girls

Ecology, Environmental and Evolutionary Sciences - Salon del Mar A
Moderator: Lee Anne Martinez
Sara Tasse Gonzalez,
Understanding drivers of morphology in giant kelp
Mariamar Gutierrez Ramirez, Drivers and direct impacts of lean mass dynamics on the stopover ecology and migratory pace of Nearctic-Neotropical migrant songbirds in spring
Amber Eliza Trujillo, A comparison of environmental DNA extraction protocols in detecting primates at varying DNA concentrations

Education - Tropical A
Moderator: Savannah Shange
Travis Jackson Bristol,
Supporting Male Teachers of Color
Tanya J. Gaxiola Serrano, Transfronteristas: Navigating and Surviving Geopolitical Borders in Pursuit of an Education
Traben Pleasant, Island Barriers: Black and Indigenous Perspectives on Education and Technology in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Engineering - Salon del Mar B
Moderator: Calvin Mackie
Chanel Marie Beebe,
Researching Socially Engaged Design: Community Partner Narratives of Social Change and Agency Building
Lynnora O. Grant, Preserving shape while sintering binder jet 3D printed ceramics
Joshua Nathaniel Williams, Dynamic Modeling and Equilibria in Fair Decision-Making

History and Literature - Tropical B
Moderator: Ula Y. Taylor
Jonathan Cortez,
Racial Segregation in Labor Camps in Belle Glade, Florida
Kevin Christopher Quin, “We Must Form an Autonomous Black Gay Movement”: The Blackheart Collective, Diaspora, and Pan-Africanism in the Black Gay Cultural Renaissance
Michael Albert Schulze-Oechtering,
Relational Racial Formations from Below: Black and Filipinx Labor Solidarity in the Pacific Northwest

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities II - Flamingo B
Moderator: Alfonso Morales
Judy Nguyen,
Zone of Proximal Self: Implications for First-Generation, Low-income, and Underrepresented Students in STEM
Mayra Puente, The System is Stratified: Mapping the College Opportunities Available to Rural Latinx Students
Vanessa Segundo, Chicanx/Latinx Cultural Centers: Interrogating the Role of Race, Space, and Power in Chicanx/Latinx Student Success

Physical Science and Mathematics II - Flamingo D
Moderator: James H. Curry
Jaime De Anda Barbosa,
Effects of motor gear shift on bacteria swarming behavior
Charles Daryl Brown, Properties of a Magnetically Levitated Superfluid Liquid Helium Drop in Vacuum
Theo Roy McKenzie, Solving the Robust Independent Set Problem

Sociology - Tropical C
Moderator: Iris Lopez
Nia Flowers,
Mamma Schooled Me: Exploring Black Motherwork and Education in Los Angeles
Chantal A. Hailey, Racialized Prisms and Perceptions: New Experimental Evidence on Families’ School Preferences
Yoselinda Mendoza, The economic benefits of the proximity to whiteness
5:15 - 6:15 pm Keynote Presentation - San Geronimo B

Making Sense of the Storm: Public Scholarship in the Wake of Disaster

Yarimar Bonilla, 
Professor, Department of Africana, Puerto Rican, and Latino Studies, Hunter College & Ph.D. Program in Anthropology, City University of New York Graduate Center
6:30 - 8:00 pm Reception - Vista Bella

8:00 - 9:30 am Breakfast - San Cristobal 
9:30 - 10:30 am Keynote Presentation - San Geronimo B

From Silent Spring to Silent Night: A Tale of Toads and Men

Tyrone B. Hayes,
Professor, Integrative Biology, University of California - Berkeley
10:30 am - 12:00 pm Plenary Presentations by Ford Foundation Fellows - San Geronimo B

Moderator: Carlos Garza
Lilian P. Davila, Climate Action Through Sustainable, Low-cost and Energy Efficient Housing
Noelle M. Hurd, Online Discrimination, Black Students’ Academic Experiences, and the Role of White Bystanders
Claudio Santiago Rivera, Psychological Distress and Public Safety Response for Refugees and Immigrants within Chicago’s “Sanctuary” City Status
12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch - San Cristobal 
1:00 - 5:00 pm One-on-One Advising - San Geronimo C
One-on-One Meetings with Press Representatives
- San Geronimo C
1:00 - 2:15 pm Special Interest Sessions I 

Dollars & Sense: Money Matters in Graduate School - Flamingo C
Moderator: Stephanie M. Curenton
Presenters: Nicole A. Vaughn, Stephen Adamo

The aim of this session is to provide information and a discussion that will build the financial health and literacy of early career scholars (both graduate students and junior faculty). Panelists will provide advice and strategies related to negotiating salaries and benefits and strategies for saving, borrowing, and managing debt. Panelist will offer examples from their personal experiences as well as from research about financial literacy for early career scholars.

LGBTQ2 in Academe - Flamingo D
Moderator: Karina Corona
Presenters: Ernesto Chavez, Laura Patricia Minero

This session focuses on current social issues and concerns that are relevant to the LGBTQ2 community. Through their own experiences in research and campus life, the panelists will share reflections on race, performance, gender, sexuality, and visibility. This session will be guided by the panel presenters, while offering an opportunity for everyone in the room to engage in community building through audience participation. Among the issues we will address are how to deal with heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia; how to build community and alliances; and living a healthy and productive life within and without one’s institution. The goal is to create a productive dialogue between scholars from various disciplines and backgrounds, both LGBTQ2 and non-LGBTQ2 identified, towards creating open and supportive spaces for LGBTQ2 students and faculty through both formal and informal interactions on campus. It is a welcoming and open space for all Ford Fellows.

Nuts & Bolts of Going on the Job Market - Social Sciences & Humanities - Flamingo B
Moderator: Julian Vasquez Heilig
Presenters: James Doucet-Battle, Natalia Molina

After years of graduate training (and sometimes trauma), it’s time to go on the job market! This practical workshop will offer strategies to help maximize your success in landing a fulfilling position with resources that will help you thrive. We’ll cover feedback to help you craft strong letters, interviews and visits at various different kinds of institutions. We’ll discuss identifying and approaching faculty members about intellectual leadership jobs outside of the academy. And we’ll outline some of the nuts and bolts of negotiation once you’ve been offered a job. Even when it leads to the change of circumstances you’ve been working toward for years, being on the market can be stressful. You’ll leave this Ford workshop feeling more empowered and connected; your fellow Fordies will be here to celebrate with you when you land that job too.

Nuts & Bolts of Going on the Job Market - STEM - Flamingo A
Moderator: C. Brandon Ogbunu
Presenters: Andres Aguilar, Jennifer Swann

The search for a faculty position can be an intimidating, exciting and exhausting process. This workshop will outline the nuts and bolts of the academic job search for STEM faculty candidates. Topics that will be addressed include: (1) Preparing your materials: CV, statements and letters (2) How to think about campus visits: What do I need to know about seminars and chalk talks? (3) The intangible and political aspects of the process: what other informal aspects of the job market should I be thinking about? This session will be targeted to graduate students and postdoctoral Fellows in STEM fields.

Mentorship: Providing and Receiving Guidance at Various Levels in Our Careers - Salon del Mar A,B
Moderator: Tania M. Malave
Presenters: MariaElena Zavala, Federico Subervi, Yvette Huet

Very important, and often overlooked, is the role mentorship plays in the successful completion of a Ph.D. and development of a career. This session will focus on mentorship and how it evolves according the stage in the career path trainees find themselves in. Discussion will include receiving mentorship but also providing it, and the importance of selecting good mentors throughout ones career.

Dis/Ability Issues in Academe - Tropical A
Moderator: Mona Minkara
Presenters: Phyllis M. May-Machunda, Rico Kleinstein Chenyek

This session will center around those with visible and invisible disabilities, and around how the academy can learn from them and with them through an intersectional exploration of their journey and identity. Two speakers will be sharing their stories, and afterwards there will be a moderated discussion surrounding the journey of those currently or soon to be in academia who are living with a disability. Thereafter, the floor will be opened to all to bring up their concerns surrounding disability in the academe. Attendees are welcome to bring their thoughts on shaping the academy to be more open and inviting to those with disabilities, and how we might shape a new path to let every academy member excel regardless of their dis/ability.

Publishing in Social Sciences and the Humanities - Tropical B
Moderator: Jaime G. Lluch
Presenters: Rebeca M. Burciaga, Abigail A. Sewell, Arlene Dávila

We will give participants a good sense of how to go about publishing in an academic press, with practical suggestions about how to contact a publisher, how to prepare a manuscript, and how to turn a Dissertation into a book manuscript.

Impact and Opportunities Beyond the Tenure Track - Tropical C
Moderator: Agustin Diaz
Presenters: Charlie Corredor, Robin V. Harris, Jorge L. Santiago-Ortiz

One of the most difficult and stressful situations for any Ford Fellow is whether or not to pursue a career in the academy after many failed attempts to gets a faculty position. To make this decision, you need to understand the job market of alternative career paths, transferable skills, and understand that going outside of the academy does not mean that you will not achieve a faculty position in the future. This panel offers guidance on non-academic jobs and their market, and how to use a non-academic position as another step into the pursuit of a tenure track position. Experiences and paths outside of the professoriate, including how they were able to skillfully maintain productive ties as academics, while at the same time gathering an extra skillset to make them more appealing candidates for a faculty position, will be discussed. Topics that will be covered are start-up and entrepreneurship, funding opportunities, government positions (e.g. NASA), publications, and outreach.
2:30 - 3:45 pm Special Interest Sessions II

Navigating Power and Privilege in Academia - Salon del Mar A,B
Moderator: Michelle Neyman Morris
Presenters: Rashawn Ray, Yolanda D. Covington-Ward

In this interactive session, we will explore strategies for navigating power relations in academia. We will discuss the changing roles and responsibilities we have as we rise through the ranks and how to be effective and ethical leaders.

Making Waves in Academic Jobs Outside the Tenure Track - Tropical A
Moderator: Nathaniel W. Dumas
Presenters: Nancy M. Aguilar-Roca, Shylene Mata

Some scholars do not pursue the traditional professoriate but still have a passion to build impactful careers in academia. This panel offers guidance on academic jobs outside of the tenure-track, some of which may include a focus on research, some on administration, and some on teaching (e.g., adjunct faculty). Presenters will speak on their experiences in these non-tenure track academic careers and when this path may potentially be a good fit. Panelists will also discuss working off the tenure track as a temporary versus permanent career strategy (i.e., adjunct versus administrative); the rewards and limitations of these kinds of positions; how they translated their skills into these new pathways; and key considerations to be aware of in the current economic, political, and cultural climate of higher education.

Negotiating Career and Personal Wellness - Flamingo A
Moderator: Koritha Mitchell
Presenters: Rosa M. Alcazar, Kai M. Green

Academics from under-represented groups are expected to produce cutting-edge research, mentor students of all backgrounds, and serve on multiple committees at their institutions. They are expected to present their work nationally and internationally and to travel frequently. At the same time, they often care for immediate family members as well as take responsibility for the health and financial concerns of their extended families. In this session, Ford Fellows will discuss successful strategies and lessons drawn from research and personal experience on how to fulfill expectations without losing options for career advancement, personal wellness, and relationships.

Community Engagement: Research, Teaching, and Service - Flamingo C
Moderator: Justin P. Dunnavant
Presenters: Mariolga Reyes Cruz, Jonathan Rosa, Alvaro Huerta

This session explores the various ways Ford Fellows continue to use their research to positively impact the communities where they work. Featuring scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds, we will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for conducting community-based work through research, teaching, and service.

Navigating Power and Privilege in the Classroom - Flamingo B
Moderator: Kristy L. Duran
Presenters: J. Lorenzo Perillo, Kimberly Blockett

The classroom is a space where transformative learning experiences can occur. Faculty have the opportunity to facilitate these experiences as well as foster a collaborative environment that enhances both the teaching and learning experience. However, learning and teaching experiences can be disrupted by power and privilege dynamics related to race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability. This session focuses on strategies for navigating these dynamics that may occur among students or between students and instructor with the goal of cultivating a space where optimal learning can take place.

Take Action – Publishing in STEM - Tropical B
Moderator: Keivan Stassun
Presenters: Cheryl D. Wilga, Neo D. Martinez

In this session, we will discuss the importance of publishing in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields and strategies for establishing and maintaining publication productivity. The panelists have extensive experience in scientific publishing in diverse fields and will provide insight into the process from their roles as authors, reviewers and editors. We will discuss strategies for preparing manuscripts, negotiating authorship issues, responding to reviews, and editorial decisions. We will also cover issues such as journal selection, types of publications and impact factors, as well as responding to questions from participants about any aspect of the publication process.

Writing Successful Grants - Social Sciences & Humanities - Flamingo D
Moderator: Isar P. Godreau-Santiago
Presenters: Rhacel Parreñas, Ryon Cobb

The workshop will provide “tips” on crafting strong fellowship and grant applications. It will focus on programs geared towards graduate students and junior faculty. Panelists will provide a broad overview of the types of grants and fellowships that are available in the social sciences and humanities, and then provide advice on how to design competitive applications.

Writing Successful Grant Proposals - STEM - Tropical C
Moderator: Fox Harrell
Presenters: Renato Aguilera, Michelle Dawson

The key goal of this session is to demystify the grant writing process and to provide advice on successful strategies to obtain grants -- especially the key milestone of a first grant. For example, fostering good working relationships with program officers is important. As another example, there are grant programs that clearly state that no data is required prior to proposal submission; but this is a common pitfall for new investigators as clearly evidence is required to prove that the project is feasible and worthy of funding. The panelists and the moderator have significant experience in writing and obtaining federal funds as well as reviewing proposals. They will provide personal insights and tips on their successes in “landing” the first award and beyond.
4:00 - 5:15 pm  Workshops & Jr. Faculty Sessions

Predoctoral - Life & Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering - Flamingo A
Moderator: Ingrid Padilla
Presenters: Joel A. Mercado-Díaz, Erin R. Reichenberger

This interactive workshop will focus on the exciting and challenging aspects participants face while completing a doctoral degree in STEM fields. Panelists will share their experiences throughout their graduate student tenure, including their strategies for surviving and thriving while maintaining healthy work/life integration. Topics will include: choosing an academic research advisor, identifying funding opportunities, cultivating a strong support network, and engaging in academic and professional development activities while in graduate school.

Predoctoral - Social & Behavioral Sciences/Humanities - Salon del Mar A,B
Moderator: Brenda Child
Presenters: Catherine S. Ramírez, Oscar Jiménez-Castellanos

The Predoctoral Workshop for the Social Sciences and Humanities will address useful strategies for organizing research and professional preparation in the period leading up to exams. The panelists will discuss vital yet often overlooked topics such as building relationships with mentors and committee members. They will share tips and resources for cultivating a daily writing practice. With an emphasis on practical solutions, the panel will respond to questions including “How do I plan my year-to-year pre-dissertation schedule?” and “How do I make my coursework and reading list work together?” They will also address how to nurture a work-life balance that will serve well in the long term beyond the academy. This session will include presentations followed by an open discussion forum.

Dissertation - Life & Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering - Tropical A
Moderator: Robert Gilliard
Presenters: Noé U. de la Sancha, Erica L. Sanchez

This workshop targets graduate students who are at or nearing the dissertation phase of their doctoral program. The session will include presentations by discussion leaders followed by a Q&A period. Topics for discussion: time management strategies, balancing research and writing, fellowships, and strategies for transitioning to the next level.

Dissertation - Social & Behavioral Sciences/Humanities - Flamingo B
Moderator: Charles Wilkes II
Presenters: Kathryn Shanley, Nicholas Reo

This session is intended for predoctoral and dissertation Fellows in the social sciences and humanities, as well as faculty members advising graduate students on dissertation projects. In this session, the panelists will discuss the logistics of the dissertation process, including selecting a dissertation topic, selecting a dissertation chair and committee members, managing the relationship with the chair, storyboarding and drafting dissertation chapters, doing field research, and preparing for the dissertation defense. This will also be a safe space for Fellows to ask questions about the emotional or psychological aspects of writing a dissertation.

Postdoctoral - Life & Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering - Tropical B
Moderator: Mark Lawson
Presenters: Teresa Ramirez, Shandee Dixon

This session will cover the postdoctoral experience for those in the Life, Physical Science, Mathematics and Engineering disciplines. The postdoc experience includes more than focused advanced study in your chosen discipline and many challenges arise in implementing a research plan, establishing independence, and preparation for the next career step. The session will cover planning the postdoc and effective use of this foundational training experience. Topics include career development planning, funding, preparation for the next career step, mentoring, managing difficult conversations, and life/work balance. Participant are encouraged to bring their own questions to discuss and to incorporate use of the one-on-one mentoring sessions for follow-up of specific issues.

Postdoctoral - Social & Behavioral Sciences/Humanities - Tropical C
Moderator: Arlene Dávila
Presenters: Vanessa J. Diaz, Ernesto Chavez

While it may seem as if there are more postdoctoral opportunities for scholars in natural or life sciences, there are many postdoctoral programs that actively seek out researchers in a range of humanities and social science related disciplines. This interactive workshop is targeted to current postdoctoral Fellows and senior graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to discussing the pros and cons of a postdoctoral position, panelists will share advice about preparing your application to meet the mission of the postdoc, requirements and expectations of most postdocs, how to avoid common mistakes made by postdocs and how to make the most of the experience, and how to strategize and prepare for transitioning from a post-doc to a tenure-track faculty position. We welcome Fellows at all stages to join us.

Jr. Faculty Success: Demystifying the Tenure Process - Humanities and Qualitative - Flamingo C
Moderator: Tiffany D. Joseph
Presenters: Julian Vasquez Heilig, Elena Lahr-Vivaz

This session will explore the ins and outs of preparing for and navigating the process of obtaining tenure. Panelists will discuss their experiences and provide advice for those in attendance.

Jr. Faculty Success: Demystifying the Tenure Process - Sciences & Quantitative - Flamingo D
Moderator: Robbin Chapman
Presenters: Kristy L. Duran, Rudy Ortiz

Panelists will offer insights and answer questions about the process based on their experiences, and share strategies for garnering support and advocacy throughout the process. We will discuss the process of evaluating junior faculty for tenure and promotion, the ongoing importance of mentors and advocates, understanding expectations, and interactions with colleagues, etc. Attendees will engage the panelists in discussion areas of particular interest and relevance to their successful traversal of the tenure process.
5:30 - 6:00 pm Closing Session - San Geronimo B