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I am a current Fellow. Will I continue to receive fellowship support for the remainder of my awarded fellowship?

Yes. All currently awarded Ford Fellows will be supported through the end of their awarded fellowships in compliance with all prior Terms of Appointment for their Fellowship. There will be no change to the support provided to any currently awarded Ford Fellows.

Are there other funding opportunities available to scholars?
Please see a list of other funding opportunities offered by NASEM here and a list of outside opportunities compiled by the Fellowship Office listed here.

I am a current predoctoral Fellow with one or two years of fellowship support remaining. Will I continue to be eligible to renew my fellowship support during my period of eligibility?
Yes. All currently awarded predoctoral Ford Fellows will continue to be eligible to use any remaining years of fellowship support in compliance with all prior Terms of Appointment for their Fellowship, including policy adjustments in 2020 and 2021 related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current predoctoral Fellows can contact to confirm their period of eligibility.

Will there continue to be conferences of Ford Fellows through the remainder of the program?
Yes. Fellows awarded in 2023 will be invited to attend the annual Ford Foundation Fellowship Conference scheduled for fall 2023. We will endeavor to provide additional opportunities to convene as funds are available. NASEM will share details about future conferences as planning takes shape.