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Filing Your Expense Report for Out-of-pocket Expenses  

The National Academies uses a web-based reimbursement system. To request reimbursement of your out-of-pocket expenses, go to
Your user name is, and your initial password is 'welcome'. This information was provided after your interview. There is a password reset link at the bottom right corner of the log-in screen in case you do not recall your password. 

To create a new expense report
  • Click on "Expense" (top of screen it’s the 2nd tab underneath the Concur logo)
  • Click on "Create New Report." You must complete all fields showing a red bar
  • Trip name is ‘Meeting Name’ and meeting location is ‘City/Sate or Country’
  • Enter the address where you would like your check mailed
  • Click "Next" at the bottom of the screen.

A screen will appear asking for ‘New Itinerary Stop’

  • You will need to enter two itinerary stops - do not include flight stopovers unless time spent in hotel.
  • Use AM and PM (no punctuation) to designate times.

First itinerary line is leaving home to travel to your meeting location.
(If you have driven please enter the time you left home and the time you arrived at the meeting hotel)

  • Click "Save" after the first itinerary is entered.

The second itinerary is leaving our meeting location and returning home.
(If you have driven please enter the time you left the meeting and arrived home).

  • Click “Save” and "Next" after you have entered the second itinerary
  • Click “Done”

Enter all (out of pocket) expenses:

Under ‘New Expense’ on the right side of the screen, click the appropriate category and enter your expenses. If you are entering an expense as “Other”, you must add a comment or it will be disallowed. 

  • Do not use dollar signs ($).
  • A "transaction date" is the date the bill was paid.
  • If you paid for your hotel you must itemize the room and taxes. Receipts are required.
  • If you had any deviations (e.g., an extra hotel night, constructive cost), you only need to enter the amount for which you are responsible. Enter it as a negative number, using a - (minus) sign. E.g., if you were responsible  for $150 in airfare, you should choose the airfare expense category and enter the amount as -150.
  • If applicable, in the right hand corner click on “Attach Receipt” and upload the receipts that you already have scanned as PNG, JPG or PDF to your computer (legible photos of receipts can be used). Alternatively, you can click on "Print/Email" then “NAS Fax Receipt Cover Page”. Print the fax cover page and using it as your cover page fax all receipts and they will attach to your expense report. Please submit itemized receipts only.
  • You are required to break out actual expenses for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • ‘Save’ after each expense entry 

The fixed meal per diem configuration in Concur will automatically populate the meal per diem for the meeting location once the itinerary is completed.

Reviewing your expenses:

You can view your expense report in various formats. 

Left side above ‘Expenses’ click on ‘Details’ then ‘Totals’ or click on "View Reports" which is the 1st tab on the second banner under the Concur logo.

You’re done!
You can now ‘Log out’ (top of screen click profile and sign out).

Do NOT click ‘Submit’ after entering your expenses!

Notify FOTRAVEL@NAS.EDU and let them know you have completed your Expense Report. We are unable to process your report without an email notification.

Need help?

Contact the Fellowships Office Travel Unit at or at 202.334.2909.