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Jefferson Travel Authorization Instructions

  1. All travel during your tenure requires submission of a Travel Authorization form prior to travel. All International travel will require the JSF International Travel Worksheet.
  2. The Travel Authorization form must be signed by you and your USAID Supervisor and the AOR. The Travel Authorization should be submitted 1 week in advance for domestic travel and 2 weeks for international travel. International travel requires authorization from the National Academies Office of Contracts and Grants which can take up to five business days.
  3.  A Travel Authorization form must include your full name, cellphone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender and completed cost estimate section. Be sure to include the date(s) of travel, all meeting dates, purpose of travel and itinerary. When necessary please provide additional details in the body of the email. A Travel Authorization that is missing information will delay the approval process.
  4. Cost estimates should be as accurate as possible and include any expense for which you plan to request reimbursement from the National Academies. Expenses claimed on the Travel Expense Report that were not listed on the approved Travel Authorization will require justification and additional approval. This will delay the reimbursement process.
  5. As a Jefferson Science Fellow, all reimbursements received for lodging and meals are based on the prescribed maximum per diem rate established by the United States government. Domestic (including Hawaii, Alaska, and United States territories) per diem rates may be found at Foreign per diem rates may be found at If you have difficulty securing lodging within Per Diem, please contact as soon as possible. Per diem for travel days is calculated at 75% of the daily per diem. Expenses that exceed per diem will not be reimbursed.
  6. Use of a rental car requires prior approval. Please include the justification for the rental car on the Travel Authorization form. When you book a rental car with the Travel Agency, it will be billed directly. By using the Travel Agency, you will automatically be insured by the National Academies. The cost of additional insurance is at your own expense.
  7. When personal travel is combined with official USAID travel, any change in travel cost must be documented by The Travel Agency. Any increase in travel cost, including airfare and applicable change fees, as a result of combining personal and business travel is your financial responsibility.
  8. The National Academies requires that you use the Travel Agency for both domestic and international travel. You may contact Omega World Travel Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at 866.740.0627 or email to make your travel arrangements.
  9. If you require a change in itinerary due to a missed connection, canceled flight, or other circumstance, you must contact the Travel Agency. The 24 hour toll-free number is 1-866.740.0627. 
  10. Any changes to the Travel Authorization, including cancellations or changes to travel locations and/or dates or cost estimate, should be reported to as soon as possible. 
  11. Please contact or 202.334.2909 with any questions prior to travel.