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Applicants who are selected as Jefferson Science Fellows will be required to obtain a security clearance. A Secret clearance will be required in order to begin work associated an assignment at the Department of State or USAID. In some cases a higher level of clearance (e.g., Top Secret) may be required.

The security clearance process will be initiated soon after the selection of Fellows is finalized. The clearance process generally will take several months.

It is possible that Fellows could experience significant delays in their clearance and, very rarely, clearance may not be granted. Some reasons for delays in clearance include the following:

- Dual citizenship
- Spouse is a not a U.S.-born citizen
- Ownership of foreign bank accounts or payments from foreign entities
- Ownership of property in foreign countries
- Failure to file taxes or other serious financial difficulties
- Extensive foreign contacts/collaborators and/or overseas travel
- Study at foreign institutions

Applicants may wish to consider issues affecting their security clearance in evaluating whether they wish to apply to the Jefferson Science Fellowship program. In order to ensure that the fellowship year is productive, Fellows who do not pass the security clearance process may be required to terminate their fellowship and return to their home university.

More information on the security clearance process and information on common reasons for delays can be found below.