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Jefferson Science Fellowship Program 2017-2018 Distinguished Lecture Series

Each year, the Jefferson Science Fellows deliver lectures on topics of their own choosing while they are on tenure at the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). This year, lectures are held at USAID. The 2017-2018 lectures delivered to date are as follows:

July 31, 2018Dr. Ernest Richard "Dick" Greene"Practical Computational Modeling, Trends Analysis and Forecasting in Development"
July 24, 2018Dr. Bernard Gonik"Maternal Vaccination in Developing Countries: A Pathway to Implementation"
June 5, 2018Dr. Francis E. “Jack” Putz"Three Decades of USAID Investments in Natural Resource Management in Indonesia and Parallel Research Efforts: Focus on the Grim Fates of Too Many Forests"
May 23, 2018Dr. John Muth"Waving the Technology Magic Wand in Areas of Conflict and Fragility: What Can Sufficiently Advanced Information Technology (Data, Visualization, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) Do for USAID Operations?"
March 6, 2018Dr. Sonak Pastakia"Promoting Comprehensive Service Delivery Through National Health Insurance in Sub-Saharan Africa"