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Jefferson Science Fellows Distinguished Lecture Series

Each year, the Jefferson Science Fellows deliver lectures on topics of their own choosing while they are on tenure at the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The scheduled lectures are as follows:

March 16, 2021Dr. Supriyo Bandyopadhyay"Energy Efficiency in Information Processing in Our Information-Hungry World"
April 13, 2021Dr. Edmund Prater"A Layperson's Guide to Long Range Forecasting: Or How to See a Few Years into the Future"
April 27, 2021Dr. Vincent Harris"Rare Earth Element-Based Magnets: Science, Supply and Sustainability in 2021 and Beyond"
May 25, 2021Dr. John LoSecco"Innovations at the U.S. Agency for International Development: A Physicist's Adventure at USAID"
June 8, 2021Dr. Chris Woolverton"Lessons Learned and Policy Recommendations Gleaned from the COVID-19 Pandemic"
June 15, 2021Dr. Surajit Sen"Can We Empower the 3 Billion Youth of the Developing World? Importance of Locally-Led Initiatives and Acknowledging Hidden Unpredictable Parameters"
June 22, 2021Dr. Warren Jasper"The Sessile Droplet Catastrophe: When Theory Fails to Predict Experimental Results"
June 29, 2021Dr. Robert Richardson"Global Food Security: The Synergistic Nature of Climate, Conflict, and Crisis"
July 13, 2021Dr. Brian Gran"Rights and Reintegration of Family Members of Foreign Terrorist Fighters"
July 27, 2021Dr. Scott Wicker"Data Diplomacy and Raising Awareness to Potential Policy Strategies for e-Waste Management in the Mekong Region: An Environmental Toxicologist Perspective"
August 10, 2021Dr. Joshua Otaigbe"Materials Science Innovations for a Better World in Retrospect and Prospect"
September 14, 2021Dr. Robert Johnson"Space Policy, Diplomacy, and Challenges"
September 28, 2021Dr. Timothy Masterlark"Cracking the Code of Satellite Imagery: Exposing Restless Magma and Underground Structures"
November 9, 2021Dr. Erich Sommerfeldt"'Information is Spam, Networking is Strategic': Building and Measuring Meaningful Networks in Public Diplomacy"