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Each year, the Jefferson Science Fellows deliver lectures on topics of their own choosing while they are on tenure at the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The scheduled lectures are as follows:

March 22, 2022Dr. Amy Townsend-SmallMethane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Other Sources: Finding Best Targets for Emissions Reduction in the Global Methane Pledge
April 12, 2022Dr. Elizabeth GuertalA Brief History of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Its Use in Agriculture
April 19, 2022Dr. Andrew WilcoxHydropower Systems at the Nexus of Water, Energy, and Climate Security
May 17, 2022Dr. Sundaram GunasekaranMeet the New Meat!
June 14, 2022Dr. Humberto CampinsInternational Collaborations for Planetary Defense
July 12, 2022Dr. Janet EllzeyUniversities as Partners in Development: Learning from the Resilient Africa Network
July 19, 2022Dr. Erick JonesHow Global Emerging Technologies Can Support ESG, Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chains
July 26, 2022Dr. Mohan DangiGlobal Tools and Techniques to Manage Local Solid Waste Problems: Social, Cultural, and Economic Impediments
August 2, 2022Dr. Richard LeSarLearning and Assessing Learning Outcomes: A Practical View
August 9, 2022Dr. Eric DavidsonManure Happens: Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle; The Nitrogen "Equities" of the State Department
August 16, 2022Dr. Kurt PatersonClimate Solutions: Fast and Slow
August 30, 2022Dr. Kevin KrizekHow We Can Reshape Urban Infrastructure & Improve Access
September 9, 2022Dr. Lincoln CarrQuantum Information Science: Building Positive International Relationships through Near-Future Technologies
September 27, 2022Dr. Jason KnouftClimate Change and the Potential for the Weaponization of Water
October 11, 2022Dr. Stephen EubankSituational Awareness and Course-of-Action Analysis in Complex Systems: The Role of High-Fidelity, High-Resolution Modeling and Simulation
October 18, 2022Dr. Mark MascalFossil-Free Energy, Transportation, and Materials: A Chemist's Tale