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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Policy and Global Affairs
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About Policy and Global Affairs

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Learn about our mission, impact, boards, and recent reports organized by topic.
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Our Mission
Mobilizing Experts, Advancing Global Policy

Policy and Global Affairs (PGA) mobilizes experts and networks in the United States and around the world to increase the use of evidence to advance local, national and global policy and capacity.

Our Themes

Our work is organized around four themes:
  1. U.S. Science and Innovation Policy (Policy); Informing Policy in Support of a Healthy and Competitive U.S. Science, Technology and Innovation System
  2. International Networks and Cooperation (Networks); Enhancing International Networks and NASEM Bilateral Relations
  3. Global Policy and Development (Global); Promoting Evidence to inform Global Issues and Development Policies
  4. Science and Engineering Capacity Development (Capacity); Developing Scientific and Engineering Capacity in Institutions and Mobilizing Human Resources

PGA Committee
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The PGA Committee helps provide intellectual and strategic direction for the division, identifies new ventures and areas of exploration, and serves as a liaison with relevant professional communities.