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GETTING STARTED                  

Follow the steps below to begin the process of selecting a Research Opportunity or Opportunities.

Note that you may apply for up to three Research Opportunities during an application cycle; however, you may submit only one application per sponsoring federal agency.

Step 1: Identify Research Opportunities you wish to pursue. Visit any of the sponsoring agency pages or use the general search function to find Research Opportunities. 

You may search by keywords, Adviser last name, sponsoring agency, or location. You can also limit your search to laboratories which accept foreign nationals or senior applicants. 

Step 2: Determine if you are eligible to apply for an NRC Research Associateship at the agency or agencies you have chosen and determine the review cycles during which when they accept applications.

Step 3: Contact the proposed Research Adviser(s) listed with the Research Opportunities of interest to discuss potential research projects and funding availability.

Step 4: Learn more about the application deadline and required materials on the How to Apply page.