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The NRC Research Associateship Program Newsletter is published bi- or tri-annually to highlight research and activities of NRC Associates and Advisers who participate in the programs in our many agencies and laboratories.


Autumn-Winter 2014
* Bridging Health & Ecosystem Integrity
* Atoms & Bonds in Molecules & Matter
* Natick Key Role Fighting Ebola

Summer 2014
* Bio-inspired Nanomaterials
* Mobile Energy Solutions
* Gene Expression Data

Spring 2014
* Design Award for Laser Building
* Autonomy Lab Hosts Robotics Consort
* Therapeutic Nanotubes

Winter 2014
* NPS in the News
* Lemon Shark to Aquatic Toxicology
* NOAA Hurricane Research


Autumn 2013 (7.7 MB)
* Tornado Research
* Quantumn Dot Solar Cells
* Cybersecurity Perceptor in S. Korea

Summer 2013 (951 KB)
* Laser Cooling of Solids
* Dark Lighting Radiation
* Nano-world Secrets

Spring 2013 (3 MB)
* Table top Molecular Movies
* Exploring Optics with iPad
* Workshop at Sri Lanka University


Autumn 2012 (2 MB)
* NIST Poster Session
* S.T.E.M. Career Fair
* AFRL's Mobile Sensor

Spring-Summer 2012 (1.60 MB)
* Solar Cell Technology
* New Material Filters Natural Gas
* SPIE Optics Photonics Conference

Winter 2012 (802 KB)
* R&D Award - Doona/NSRDEC
* Armchair Nanotubes - Rao/AFRL
* Cell Signaling - Thakur/Army


Autumn 2011 (11 MB)
*Ocean Wave Forecasting
*Largest Gamma-Ray Pulsar
*Reactive Nitrogen

Summer 2011 (1.68 MB)
*Antiviral Drugs
*Nature’s Kidneys
*2011 Worlds Materials Summit


Winter 2010-11 (1.1 MB)
*Natick Publishes Landmark Book
*NRL—Fermi Detects Gamma Rays
*FAA—Cabin-Altitude Exposure

Spring-Summer 2010 (834 KB)
*Environmental Impact of Nanoparticles
*Western Climate and Water
*Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Applications


Autumn 2009 (327 KB)
*Human Genes Studied to Fight Broad-Spectrum Infections
*Health Policy Fellowship Program Announced 

Spring-Summer 2009 (546 KB)
*Turbulent flow effects on migratory fish
*Tracking northern fur seals
*NRL astronomers selected for NASA's Lunar Science Institute
Winter 2008-09 (451 KB)
*Hurricane research at NOAA
*Associate profiles and awards
*NRL astronomers detect colliding galaxy clusters


Autumn 2008 (975 KB)
*Tissue regeneration by electrospinning
*Tagging green turtles at NOAA
*NIOSH designs cooling strategies for firefighters

Summer 2008 (532 KB)
*NETL Methane Hydrates program profiles
*Sampling sediment water in Gulf of Mexico seafloor
*Device for medical sterility developed

Spring 2008 (855 KB)
*iDDI accelerates cures for common disease
*Flame-retardent polymers
*Diatom blooms in the Chesapeake


Spring 2007 (19.6 MB)
*FAA's best kept secret: CAMI
*Monsoon rainfall cycles over Southeast Asia
*OCD Risk Gene at NIH


Autumn 2005 (792 KB)
*The RAP 50th anniversary
*Saturn's compact warm cap studied at NASA
*Dolphin research at NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center


Autumn 2004 (12.5 MB)
*NIST scientists demonstrate device for biomolecule manipulation
*50th anniversary poster exhibition
*RAP associates at the Kennedy Space Center


Summer 2003 (264 KB)
*The NIST and NIH joint postdoctoral program
*NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
*RAP administrative information and new

Autumn 2002 (263 KB)
*U.S. Military Academy Photonics Laboratory
*Davies Fellowships
*NRC RAP adviser perspectives

Spring 2002 (351 KB)

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Each newsletter is posted on this web page in full-color PDF. In addition, the monochrome version is printed by the National Academy Press (NAP), and bulk orders of 10 or more are available from our office for bulk distribution at agencies/laboratories, scientific meetings, NRC meetings, staff visits, site visits, etc. We accept submissions throughout the year: press releases, 1-2 page articles previously written and/or submitted to other publications, images, photos, notices, awards, honors, etc.