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Permanent doctoral level scientific and engineering staff employed at agencies which sponsor an NRC Research Associateship Program are eligible to be Research Advisers in the NRC Research Associateship Programs. Prior to applying, prospective Research Advisers should read Information for Research Advisers as well as the information provided below.

To become a new Research Adviser, you must establish an online account and submit an application that will be reviewed by the Fellowships Office of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and submitted to your agency's program manager (Laboratory Program Representative) for approval. 

Under certain circumstances, non-federal employees may serve as Research Advisers if:
  1. They are working under a long-term contract at the sponsoring agency.
  2. They meet all other criteria for Research Advisers.


A Research Adviser should hold a research doctorate.

A Research Adviser should have a minimum of five years of research experience beyond the doctoral degree. This experience may be in a government laboratory, in private industry, or at a university.

A Research Adviser should have published a reasonable number of research papers within the past five years in appropriate refereed journals. The publication record should demonstrate recognition at the national or international level. Other forms of scholarly productivity may include book chapters, reviews, proceedings, invited and contributed presentations, patents, etc.

Scientific and engineering staff engaged primarily in administration, may have outstanding research records and often play an important role in providing a good climate for Research Associates, but the most effective Research Advisers are staff members who spend the majority of their time conducting research and have time available for interaction with Research Associates. Applications from administrators, therefore, are not encouraged unless evidence can be provided that the individual is an active investigator with time available to devote to a Research Associate.


New Adviser applicants are asked to provide the following information:
  • Contact information including email and phone
  • Agency affiliation, position title
  • A curriculum vita (see format below)
  • A Statement of mentoring experience
The Adviser application must be approved by the agency program manager (Laboratory Program Representative).


Your curriculum vitae should be a .pdf document of no more than 10 pages including the following components:
  • Your name and current position, including the following (as applicable):
    • Position title
    • Civilian grade/military rank
    • Division/department
    • Branch
    • Section
  • Education/training
    • Name of college or university attended
    • Degree conferred (including field and dates of conferral)
    • Academic honors
  • Professional positions held
    • Position title
    • Employer
    • Dates of employment
  • Honors and awards
  • Professional society membership/positions held
  • Publications, beginning with the most recent (broken into the following categories):
    • Publications in peer-reviewed journals
    • Books or book chapters
    • Patents/copyrights
  • Presentations at scientific meetings including papers appearing in proceedings