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Register by Creating an Account 

To apply to the NRC Research Associateship Programs, you must first register to create an account. Click here to register. Note: If the e-mail address you enter is already in the system (e.g. you have applied to a previous Review), you will not be able to create a new account. Simply opt to Sign In instead.

General Instructions
  • You can sign in and out of the system at any time.
  • Use the left navigation to view/complete the pages. Note: The availability of navigation items may change based on the status of the competition and your submission.
  • When you sign out of the application and sign back in later, you must first choose Edit this application to make any changes.
  • For browser compatibility questions, please see this webpage.

Completing an Application

There are three sections to the application: The Profile Information pages, the Program Eligibility page, and the Application pages.

1. Profile Information
  • The data entered in and uploaded to these pages can be modified at any time and will be stored from year to year.
  • Your contact, demographic, and confidential information will not be shared with reviewers.
  • Academic transcripts (not required for Senior applicants) must be current and must be uploaded to the Education History page before you submit your application. For more details on transcript requirements, refer to the Application Instructions and Requirements.
  • Upload documents on Previous and Current Research and Publications and Presentations. For information on the content and length of the Uploads, review the Application Instructions and Requirements.
  • After you have uploaded your documents on the Education History and Uploads pages, click View Converted PDF for each file to ensure you have uploaded the correct documents.
2. Program Eligibility
  • Your eligibility status will be determined by the data you have entered in your Education History, your Profile Information (Demographics tab), and the competition you have selected. You will not be able to add a Research Opportunity until these fields have been completed. If you are unsure of your eligibility status, contact
3. Application
  • Adding an Research Opportunity

    • Enter the Research Opportunity number in the field provided or select the opportunity from the dropdown list that populates as you enter the number. Click Choose.

      • You will not be able to choose opportunities for which you are not eligible or for agencies that are not participating in the current review.
      • You may select up to three opportunities; however, each must be from a different agency (e.g. AFRL, EPA, NOAA, NRL).
      • You may add and delete opportunities until you submit an application.
      • You will not be able to add opportunities after you have submitted your application.

  • Adding Information for the Opportunity, Research Proposal, and References (Note: If applying to more than one agency, this information must be provided for each agency.)

    • Opportunity

      • Enter the Adviser and tenure length.
      • Review the Eligibility Criteria for current or prior affiliation with the agency. If applicable, describe any current or prior affiliation you have or have had with the agency to which you are applying.

    • Research Proposal

      • Provide details about your research proposal and anticipated research needs.
      • Provide at least three keyword phrases relating to your research field.
      • Upload your Research Proposal. For details on the content and length of the proposal, review the Research Proposal section of the Application Instructions and Requirements.
      • After you have uploaded your document, click View Converted PDF to ensure you have uploaded the correct document.
      • You can replace your uploaded Research Proposal until you submit your application.

    • References

      • Adding: Before you add a reference, review the Application Instructions and Requirements.
      • Notifying: You must notify each reference through the online application system. When you take this action, your reference will receive a unique link directing them to a page where they can upload a letter on your behalf. Contact your letter writers personally to advise them that they will be receiving an e-mail notification from and confirm with them that they have received the notification once you have sent it.
      • Monitoring submissions: You and your reference will receive an e-mail confirmation once a letter has been successfully submitted. You can also monitor these submissions on the Data Review page.
      • Modifying: If you realize you have entered incorrect data for one of your references, you may edit and save the information. If the updated data was an e-mail address, you must re-notify the reference so that they receive the notification.
      • You will be able to add, notify, monitor, and modify your references at any time until the application deadline.
      • Be advised that it is entirely the responsibility of the applicant to confirm that the required letters of recommendation are received before the deadline. Applications with ineligible or an insufficient number of references will not be forwarded to the review.

  • Data Review

    • Review all information on the page to confirm it is correct.
    • Edit any page that requires completion or revision.

  • Validating and Submitting an Application

    • Validation symbols
      • Red X: The page is incomplete and the application cannot be submitted. Make any corrections to pages with this symbol.
      • Yellow warning: The page may be missing information; however, the application may still be submitted.
      • Green check: The page is complete and has been validated. The application may be submitted.
    • Confirm that you have reviewed your application and are satisfied with its content and format and click Submit.
    • With the exception of the Profile Information pages, you will not be able to modify the Application pages of your application once you have submitted.

Contacting Support

Phone: 202-334-2760