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Stipend - NRC Research Associates receive a stipend while carrying out their proposed research. Stipends vary by sponsoring agency and location. Stipend information can be found by selecting an agency from the Participating Agencies List and then opening a specific research opportunity from the Opportunities List for that agency.

Note that awards for applicants to NIST are made directly by NIST, and NRC Research Associates at NIST are hired for two-year term appointments.

Insurance - A group health-insurance program is required for NRC Research Associates and is optional for dependents.
  • Awardees not covered under a spouse's plan are required to participate in the NRC Research Associateship Programs' group health insurance plan.
  • The cost of this program is shared by the Associate and the sponsoring agency.
  • All exchange visitors and their dependent families are required by the U.S. Department of State to carry health insurance while they are in the United States. The NRC Research Associateship Programs' group insurance satisfies this requirement. 
Relocation and Travel
  • A relocation reimbursement is determined for each awardee and is noted in the awardee’s award information page.
  • A travel allowance is also available for limited approved professional travel during tenure.