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InfoRAP is the online system for the NRC Research Associateship Programs. The system allows Advisers to view and manage their contact information and to update their research opportunities.

Signing in to InfoRAP 

Use the link here to access your account. (Contact if you require your login credentials.)

Managing Contact Information
  • Sign in to InfoRAP then select RAP Lab Contact Management.
  • Click My Contact Detail in the left navigation.
  • Update your information as needed.
Note: Please contact the Fellowships Office at if you have moved to a new agency, laboratory, or division location. 

Viewing and Managing Research Opportunities

Follow the instructions to complete one or more of the actions below.
  • Creating a new Research Opportunity
  • Requesting to be added to an existing Research Opportunity
  • Revising an existing Research Opportunity

Additional Information for Current Research Advisers 
  • Information for Research Advisers provides information regarding the role an Adviser plays in the recruitment, selection, and mentoring of NRC Research Associates. 
  • The Application Process Flowchart provides an overview of the application and review processes for the NRC Research Associateship Programs.
  • The Award Process Flowchart provides an overview of the awards process from the time an Associate start to their end of tenure.