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The NRC Research Associateship Programs (RAP) provides these Adviser Guides as a resource for new and current Research Advisers. The Guides detail basic concepts and common themes for mentoring postdoctoral Research Associates, with a focus on federal laboratories. Authored by a former NRC Associate and current executive leadership coach and supported and reviewed by a team of experienced NRC Research Advisers, these Guides will help with planning for a successful postdoctoral experience for you and your Associate, beginning with pre-start planning through a productive research experience and advancement to the next stage of the Associate’s career.

An Introduction for Users of Mentoring Guides Series for NRC Research Advisers

Mentoring Guide #1: Understanding Your Role as a Mentor
Mentoring Guide #2: Building the Foundation for a Successful Advising Relationship
Mentoring Guide #3: Maintaining Progress – Goals, Mentoring Conversations & Feedback 
Mentoring Guide #4: Navigating Common Challenges
Resources for Self-Study