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The logo 140px Roundtable and its programs aim to help communities and the nation 
build resilience to extreme events, save lives, and reduce the physical and economic costs of disasters. 

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Community Pilot Program

In 2014, the ResilientAmerica Roundtable began a community pilot program to work directly with selected communities to engage diverse community stakeholders to better understand risk and build resilience.

The Roundtable partners with four pilot communities to help community decision makers and other community stakeholders build approaches for deciding how and where to invest resources to mitigate risk and build resilience in ways that allow them to explain and communicate those investment decisions. The Roundtable also engages with a network of communities that participate alongside the pilot communities in Roundtable events and activities.

The benefits of the partnership between the Roundtable and the pilot communities include:

Access to expertise. Pilot communities engage with the Roundtable’s network of scientific, technical, and policy experts. The Roundtable can help translate science into actions that build resilience for the pilot communities.

Approaches to understanding risk. The Roundtable is helping the pilot communities understand the risks they face, consider the possible consequences of those risks, and integrate that knowledge into decision making.

Methods to build a culture of resilience. The Roundtable is working with the pilot communities to formulate strategies to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and more successfully adapt to adverse events.

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