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The nine modules below have been developed to elucidate the role of science in decision-making for professional school students.  Note that, while there is variation in the presentation of the individual modules, all modules contain instructor and student materials.  In general, the instructor and student materials are presented within a single document.  However, in several cases, the instructor and student materials are presented separately.
 Modeling DNA Decision Science
Models: Scientific Practice in Context
The Interpretation of DNA Evidence: A Case Study in Probabilities
Translating Science into Policy: The Role of Decision Science
 Drug Development Fracking Birth Defects
Placing a Bet: A New Therapy for Parkinson's Disease
Shale Gas Development
Drug-Induced Birth Defects: Exploring the Intersection of Regulation, Medicine, Science, and Law
 Vaccines Pattern Evidence Factual Causation
Forensic Pattern Recognition Evidence
Scientific Evidence of Factual Causation