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U.S.---Finland Workshop on Mathematics Education
Sunday, July 31 through Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at the University of Helsinki, Finland

Workshop on Supporting Mathematics Teachers and Teaching in the United States and Finland, a bilateral meeting of U.S. and Finnish mathematics educators, was attended by 30 mathematics professionals in in-person and approximately 70 virtually. The workshop was sponsored by Åbo Akademi University, Högskolestiftelsen i Österbotten, the National Science Foundation, and Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet.

Listed below are the videos of each session, the presentations in PDF format for download, and the workshop participants and readings.

Watch the session videos:

Session 1, Presentation 1 (Finland)
Session 1, Presentation 2 (U.S.)   
Session 2, Presentation 1 (U.S.)
Session 2, Presentation 2 (Finland)
Session 3, Presentation 1 (Finland)
Session 3, Presentation 2 (U.S.)
Session 4, Small Group Discussion Debriefings
Session 5, Reflections from the United States and Finland

Presentation PDFs available for download:
(Note: Some of the presentation files are substantially large, so please check the file size before downloading.)

U.S. Presentations:

Session 1: Lay of the Land and Critical Issues (U.S.) (846 KB)
Moderator: Gail Burrill
John W. Staley, Chelsea McIntyre, and Elizabeth Radday

Session 1: Lay of the Land and Critical Issues Part 2 (U.S.) (2.5 MB)
Janine Remillard, Mary Kay Stein, Jenny Marshall, and Hyman Bass

Session 2: Challenges and Promising Practices for the Preparation of Mathematics Teachers (U.S.) (745 MB)
M. Alejandra Sorto, Amber G. Candela, Meghan Shaughnessy, and Janine Remillard

Session 3: Challenges and Promising Practices for Practicing Teacher Development (U.S.) (140 MB)
Kara Jackson, Aki Murata, Debbie Plowman, Katie Hendrickson, Gail Burrill, and Hyman Bass

Finland Presentations:

Session 1: Lay of the Land and Critical Issues (Finland) (510 KB)
Heidi Krzywacki and Kirsti Hemmi

Session 2: Challenges and Promising Practices for the Preparation of Mathematics Teachers (Finland) (702 KB)
Anu Laine

Session 3: Challenges and Promising Practices for Practicing Teacher Development (Finland) (154 KB)
Vuokko Kangas and Anna-Maija Partanen

Longer version of "Session 3: Challenges and Promising Practices for Practicing Teacher Development (Finland)" (546 KB)
Vuokko Kangas and Anna-Maiji Partanen

List of U.S. Participants

Hyman Bass, University of Michigan
Gail Burrill, Michigan State University
Amber G. Candela, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Ana Ferreras, National Academy of Sciences
Katie Hendrickson,
Kara Jackson, University of Washington, Seattle
Jenny Marshall, Farmington Area Public Schools
Chelsea McIntyre, Catalina Foothills School District
Aki Murata, University of Florida
Debbie Plowman, The University of Texas
Elizabeth Radday, The Marvelwood School
Janine Remillard, University of Pennsylvania
Meghan Shaughnessy, University of Michigan
Ma. Alejandra Sorto, Texas State University
John W. Staley, NCSM
Mary Kay Stein, University of Pittsburgh

List of Finland Participants

Peter Hästö, University of Oulu and Turku
Kirsti Hemmi, Åbo Akademi University
Vuokko Kangas, University of Oulu
Mika Koponen, University of Eastern Finland
Niklas Koppatz, University of Helsinki
Anton Koskinen, Grundskolan Norsen
Heidi Krzywacki, University of Helsinki
Sirkku Kupiainen, University of Helsinki
Anu Laine, University of Helsinki
Anna-Maija Partanen, University of Lapland
Sanna Patrikainen, University of Helsinki
Pekka Peura, Martinlaakso High School
Päivi Portaankorva-Koivisto, University of Helsinki
Ann-Sofi Röj-Lindberg, Åbo Akademi University
Marja Tamm, The Finnish Association for Teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Informatics
Antti Viholainen, University of Eastern Finland

Full Meeting Agenda
Click here (downloadable PDF)

Core Readings for Participants

United States:

Mathematics Education in the United States 2016: A Capsule Summary Fact Book
Read: Preface (v-vi), Chapter 1 (1-9), and pp. 103-106 on Teacher Education and the Teaching workforce
Mathematics Learning and Diverse Students
Report in Science on Data Say Retention Is Better Answer To ‘Shortage’ Than Recruitment


Becoming a Teacher - Why?
Krzywacki, H., Pehkonen, L., & Laine, A. (2012). "Promoting Mathematical Thinking in Finnish Mathematics Education." In H. Niemi, A. Toom, & A. Kallioniemi (Eds.), Miracle of Education. (pp. 115-130). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.               

Supplemental Readings for Participants

Andrews, P., A. Ryve, K. Hemmi, and J. Sayers. (2014). PISA, TIMSS, and Finnish mathematics teaching: An enigma in search of an explanation. Educational Studies in Mathematics 87(1), 7-26.

Ball, D.L., & Forzani, F.M. (2009). "The work of teaching and the challenge for teacher education." Journal of Teacher Education, 60(5), 497-511.:
Information about the Finnish educational system in English (The Finnish National Board of  

Toom, Auli, Jukka Husu, and Sanna Patrikainen (2015). Student teachers' patterns of reflection in the context of teaching practice. European Journal of Teacher Education, 38:3, 320-340, DOI: 10.1080/02619768.2014.943731.

Workshop Sponsors

Åbo Akademi University
Högskolestiftelsen i Österbotten
National Science Foundation
Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet


This website contains verbatim presentations by individuals and is not an official report of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Opinions and statements included in this material are solely those of the individual authors. They have not been verified as accurate, nor do they necessarily represent the views of other meeting participants or the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.