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U.S. Liaison Committee for IUPAP

The National Academy of Sciences is the U.S. adhering body of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and it maintains its relationship with the union through the U.S. Liaison Committee (USLC)/IUPAP. IUPAP’s mission is to assist in the worldwide development of physics, foster international cooperation in physics, and help in the application of physics toward solving problems of concern to humanity. 

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IUPAP General Assembly 2020
The 30th IUPAP General Assembly will be held in Beijing, China, October 12--14, 2020. Watch this space for more information.

Congratulations to Sekazi Mtingwa!
The USLC/IUPAP congratulates Sekazi Mtingwa on his recent recipience of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring. Dr. Mtingwa (Triangle Science, Education and Economic Development, LLC) has been a valued member of the USLC/IUPAP since 2012. You can read about his achievements in mentoring here.  

Preparation for the ICWIP 2020

The IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics (WIP) is planning the next IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics (ICWIP) in 2020. The conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia from July 13--17, 2020, and will mark the seventh ICWIP since 2002. Preliminary information about the conference is available at

Applications to be part of the U.S. Delegation to ICWIP closed in October 2019. About a dozen on the team (plus the evaluator) will travel to Melbourne, Australia. Ideally, the U.S. Delegation will represent a range of diverse institutions and careers. Applicants not selected will be invited to join the team as non-travelers.

For more information about Women in Physics, please visit our related subpage.

Metric System Redefinition Led By USNC/IUPAP Members

The International System of Units (SI) was redefined on May 20, 2019 based on fixed values of certain physical constants. Under the leadership of Bill Phillips (NIST), a current USNC member and previous IUPAP Commission C2 Vice Chair, and Peter Mohr (NIST), current C2 Chair and the former USNC Chair, Commission C2 is carrying out a publicity campaign designed to familiarize the wider scientific community with the changes.

The USNC/IUPAP, through Commission C2 of IUPAP, has been working for over a decade to redefine the International System of Units. On November 16, 2018, in Versailles, France, a group of 60 countries made history with a unanimous vote to dramatically transform the international system that underpins global science and trade. This single action finally realized scientists' 150-year dream of a measurement system based entirely on unchanging fundamental properties of nature.

Below is a presentation on SI given by Bill Phillips and Vanderlei Bagnato (University of Sao Paulo) at the 26th International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP 2018) in Barcelona, Spain. 

ASESMA 2018 Held in Ethiopia
The 2018 African School on Electronic Structure Methods and Applications (ASESMA 2018) was held at the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University in Ethiopia from October 22 through November 2, 2018. It was fifth in a series of biennial schools held from 2010 to 2020, and endorsed by IUPAP.

ASESMA 2018 is the largest school so far in the series, with 49 participants from 13 African countries. Six schools have been held between 2010--2018, and the number of papers published or accepted in journals by participants after attending an ASESMA school now totals 124.

The advent of faster, cheaper computers and the availability of open-source software has enabled materials research scientists in Africa to further their research like never before. A joint product of IUPAP Commissions C13 (Physics for Development) and C20 (Computational Physics), the ASESMA series builds upon these developments and focuses on the issues in materials science most relevant to Africa. More information about ASESMA 2018 can be found on the International Centre for Theoretical Physics website.

IUPAP and IUCr Receive €300k Grant from ICSU
The International Council for Science (ICSU) awarded one of its three €300k grants to IUPAP and IUCr, in order for the unions to work on a three-year advanced light source project. Utilization of Light Source and Crystallographic Sciences to Facilitate the Enhancement of Knowledge and Improve the Economic and Social Conditions in Targeted Regions of the World will focus on lightsources for Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. The aims of the three-year project include the creation of print materials to better explain light sources and the field of crystallography, the launching of five more crystallography laboratories in various parts of the world, and the international exchange of students and researchers.

The project is led by Sekazi K. Mtingwa and Sandro Scandolo of the IUPAP C13 Commission, and Michele Zema of the IUCr. The partnering organizations are the ICSU Regional Offices, the International Union of Materials Research Societies, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, and UNESCO, among many others.

IUPAP Supports New Women in STEM Project Funded by ICSU
In addition to awarding a €300k grant to IUPAP and IUCr, the International Council for Science has awarded a grant for the same amount to IMU and IUPAC. The two unions are leading a project, supported by IUPAP, that aims to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields. IUPAP's Working Group on Women in Physics has already laid much of the groundwork for this task, sponsoring a global survey on gender in physics careers in 2008.

According to the IUPAP Newsletter (March 2017), the goals of this project are:
1. Gather survey-based evidence and conduct a study of publication patterns
2. Work with social scientists to analyze cross-cultural trends relating to gender and science
3. Make scientific materials more accessible to young women and foster an interest in STEM careers
4. Make recommendations on how to effectively reduce the gender gap











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