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Ballistic Missile Defense in the Context of Strategic Stability

Contact Info:
Rita S. Guenther, Ph.D.
Senior Program Officer and Study Director
Keck Center
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC  20001
Phone:  202-334-2359
Fax:  202-334-1730

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Project Scope
Meetings and Events
Committee Members

Project Scope

An ad hoc committee, working jointly with a committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), will conduct a technical examination of missile defense systems planned for deployment and the threats that they are intended to counter in the context of strategic stability. The joint committees will examine both the technical implications of planned missile defense deployments for Russian and U.S. strategic deterrents and the benefits and disadvantages of a range of options for cooperation on missile defense. The range of options will include (a) no cooperation between independent, unconnected, and uncoordinated missile defense systems following existing plans, (b) independent but joined systems, linked through, for example, a joint data and monitoring center and a joint planning center, and (c) a joint missile defense system, including mutually beneficial, jointly developed capabilities to counter missile threats. The joint committees will issue a single consensus report to be published in English and translated into Russian.

Meetings & Events

Ballistic Missile Defense in the Context of Strategic Stability
March 25, 2015 - March 26, 2015
National Academy of Sciences Building
2100 C St. NW
Washington D.C.

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Committee members

Joint NAS-RAS Committees

National Academy of Sciences

  • Ambassador Linton F. Brooks
  • Dr. Roger W. Falcone
  • Dr. Steven Fetter
  • Dr. Raymond Jeanloz
  • Maj. Gen. Robert H. Latiff (USAF, Ret.)
Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Gen. Vladimir Dvorkin
  • Prof. Anatoli Diakov


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