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SeCOND Arab-American Frontiers Speaker Presentations


Finding New Sources of Water for Growth

Rethinking Wastewater: Water Reuse in the United States
David L. Sedlak, University of California at Berkeley, United States
Water Reuse in the State of Kuwait: Successes and Hopes
Mohamed I. Ahmed, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Water Resources Center, Kuwait
Old Energy, New Methods to Access Resources: The Hydraulic Fracturing Story

Water Management for Enhanced Sustainability and Economics of Shale Gas Development
Kelvin B. Gregory, Carnegie Mellon University, United States
Fracturing Challenges: The Journey to Innovative Solutions
Mohammed Bataweel, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Waleed Al-Bazzaz, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait
Taner Batmaz, Schlumberger Oman & Co. LLC, Oman
Global Food Security: Adaptations for the Future
Food Security in the Arab countries: Current Status and Future Scenarios
Rezq Basheer-Salimia, Palestine Technical University, Palestine
Climate Change: Threats to Water Resources and Food Security
Ali Al-Shrouf, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, United Arab Emirates

Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Arab Region: Risks and Opportunities
Hani Sewilam, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
Environmental Regulators of Cancer

Epigenetics, a Link between Environmental Exposure and Cancer?
Lifang Hou, Northwestern University, United States
The Biological Clock in Health and Diseases
Mohammed Boudjelal, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Saudi Arabia

Targeting Cancer with Dietary Bioactive Agents
Mostafa Waly, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Metabolomics an Emerging Technology Addressing Plant and Human Health Research Projects in the Post Genomic Era
Mohamed A. Farag, Cairo University, Egypt


Development Presentations

Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers
Surya Raghu, ET Cube International, United States

The Art of Effective Negotiation
Geri Richmond, University of Oregon, United States

Haifa Al Attia, Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, Jordan
Hesham Hamoda, Boston Children's Hospital, United States
Nafez Dakkak, Edraak, Jordan