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ABout Development, Security, and Cooperation (DSC)

DSC builds on long experience and special knowledge of the technical and policy challenges facing developing, transitional, and advanced industrial societies. We recognize that many of our programs, and opportunities for expansion, address broader aspects of security, such as reducing conflicts by opening dialogues and relationships with isolated countries, and deal with energy, food, health, water, and human resource aspects of security, stability, equity, and social progress. Thus the combined title: Development, Security, and Cooperation. 

In some cases, particularly with less stable countries or those that the U.S. has political differences with, the subject matter is of less importance than the collaboration itself. This can help build the S&T community in the cooperating country, bring it into the “mainstream” of the international scientific community, enable scientists to share insights on topics of mutual interest, and build understanding.   

DSC was organized in its existing form in 1998 to build on extensive Academies engagement in: 

  • geographical programs in areas of particular importance and opportunity, especially with the Former Soviet Union, Africa, the Middle East and other Islamic countries, Mexico and other Latin American countries, China, and India.
  • programs to assist developing countries in building and using their science, engineering, and medical capacities.
  • programs to advise and assist the U.S. Government in its development assistance.