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Review of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (STIP) for Development and Implications for the Future of USAID (Project Type: Consensus Study)
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  Project Information  

Project Scope
Meetings and Events

Project Scope


 An ad hoc committee will undertake a study of Science, Technology, Innovation and Partnership initiatives at USAID that will include:
(1) an assessment of the development potential for STIP in assistance programs at USAID, drawing on comparative approaches taken by foreign official development assistance agencies and philanthropic donors;
(2) an analysis of USAID’s approach to designing and implementing STIP activities, drawing on existing evaluations, data and evidence of effectiveness about the efforts of the last decade.

The committee will consider USAID’s programs that are in place and those that are planned for implementation, including current approaches to monitoring impact of such investments. The analysis will include the role of gender integration in STIP and the effectiveness of USAID STIP programs intended to redress gender inequality. The committee will be particularly mindful of looking beyond specific program needs to opportunities for building international STIP capacity, whether in individuals, institutions or infrastructure.

The committee will produce a consensus report with recommendations for USAID moving forward in the STIP arena, with a focus on what can be implemented in 2017-2018.

Meetings & Events

May 19-20: First committee meeting in Washington, DC

  • Thursday, May 19:

Trends in the role of science and technology in international development
     - Charlotte Watts (DFID)
USG agencies in development partnerships with USAID
     - Eileen Herrera (USDA)
     - Gray Handley (NIH)
     - Jordan Tappero (CDC)
     - Jared Entin (NASA)
     - Jessica Robin (NSF) 
Partnership of the Department of State with USAID on STIP
Vaughan Turekian, Department of State
Assessing the Impact of STIP Programs and Projects
     - Heather Huntington (Cloudburst)
Innovation partners for STIP in health and agriculture
     - Steve Davis (PATH)
     - Willem Janssen (World Bank)

  • Friday, May 20:
STIP Strategies as Implemented at USAID  
     - Ann Mei Chang (Global Development Lab)
     - Jim Verdin & Ayse "Sezin" Tokar (DCHA)
     - Neal Brandes & Wendy Taylor (GH)
     - Saharah Moon Chapotin (BFS)

May 23-27: Committee participation in annual USAID STIP Conference in  South Africa.

July 7-8: Second committee meeting in Washington, DC


 A consensus report was published January 2017 and can be read online or downloaded for free.


Dr. M. T. Clegg - Chair; University of California, Irvine

Dr. DeAndra Beck - Member; Michigan State University

Mr. Thomas J. Bollyky - Member; Council of Foreign Relations

Ms. Gargee Ghosh – Member; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Julie A. Howard - Member; Michigan State University

Dr. Christine L. Moe – Member; Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health

The Honorable Frank Ricciardone – Member; The American University in Cairo

Dr. Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum - Member; Rice University

Dr. Amos Winter - Member; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Melanie Walker - Member; World Bank Group