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NASA's Suborbital Research Capabilities

Project Scope

The Space Studies Board (SSB) of the National Academies shall establish an ad hoc study committee to conduct a review of the suborbital mission capabilities of NASA. The review will address the following topics:

Existing programs that make use of suborbital flights;
• The status, capability, and availability of suborbital platforms, and the infrastructure and workforce necessary to support them (including instrument design);
• Existing or planned launch facilities for suborbital missions; and
• Opportunities for scientific research, training, and educational collaboration in the conduct of suborbital missions by NASA, especially as they relate to the findings and recommendations of the National Academies decadal surveys and recent report on "Building a Better NASA Workforce: Meeting the Workforce Needs for the National Vision for Space Exploration."
View the project on the Current Projects System.

View the Report: Revitalizing NASA's Suborbital Program: Advancing Science, Driving Innovation, and Developing a Workforce

Committee Membership

Dr. Kristin A. Blais
The Boeing Company

Dr. Steven R. Bohlen
Joint Oceanographic Institutions

Dr. Mark A. Brosmer
The Aerospace Corporation

Dr. Estelle Condon
Independent Consultant

Dr. Christine M. Foreman
Montana State University

Dr. Adam Huang
University of Arkansas

Dr. Michael J. Kurylo, III
Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center

Dr. Robert P. Lin; NAS
University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Franklin D. Martin
Martin Consulting, Inc.

Dr. R. Bruce Partridge
Haverford College

Mr. Bruce Robert Pincus
Independent Consultant

Dr. Robert L. Riemer
National Research Council

Dr. W. Thomas Vestrand
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr. Erik Wilkinson
Southwest Research Institute