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Evaluation of Space Radiation Cancer Risk

Project Scope
An ad-hoc committee will be organized under the auspices of the Space Studies Board to:
1. The committee will evaluate proposed updates to the NASA cancer projection model taking into consideration the following:

  • current knowledge of low-LET (linear energy transfer) radiation cancer epidemiology,
  • effects of tissue weighting factors, radiation weighting factors, and DDREF's (dose and dose-rate effectiveness factor) used in projecting risks, and
  • current uncertainties in Quality Factors, DDREF's and organ dose assessment.

This will be done taking into consideration possible qualitative differences between low LET and heavy ion biological effects to determine if the use of quality factors are appropriate or inappropriate for GCR risk assessments.

2. The committee will identify gaps in NASA's current research strategy for reducing the uncertainties in cancer induction risks.

View the Report: Technical Evaluation of the NASA Model for Cancer Risk to Astronauts Due to Space Radiation

Committee Membership

Dr. R. Julian Preston - (Chair)
Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. Joel S. Bedford
Colorado State University

Dr. Amy Berrington de Gonzalez
National Cancer Institute

Dr. B. John Garrick
Independent Consultant.

Dr. Dudley T. Goodhead
Medical Research Council (Emeritus)

Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr.
Vesalius Ventures

Dr. Kathyrn D. Held
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. David G. Hoel
Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Jack R. Jokipii
University of Arizona

Dr. Insoo Jun
California Institute of Technology 

Dr. Charles E. Land
National Cancer Institute

Dr. Hans-Georg Menzel
European Organization for Nuclear Research

Dr. Peter O'Neill
University of Oxford