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Decadal Surveys

Notional Decadal Survey Schedule
(as of February 2019)

Note: Future dates are dependent on concurrence and contract negotiations with the applicable sponsors. These dates will be updated periodically to reflect the sponsors’ schedule.

Astronomy and Astrophysics
CY 2016 August 2010 Midterm Delivered to Sponsors
CY 2018 November Decadal 2020 Task Starts
CY 2023 1st half Decadal 2022 Delivered to Sponsors

Solar and Space Physics
CY 2018 July Midterm Task Starts
CY 2019 2nd half Midterm Delivered to Sponsors
CY 2022 1st half Decadal 2024 Task Starts
CY 2024 1st half Decadal 2024 Delivered to Sponsors
Biological and Physical Sciences
CY 2017 December Midterm Delivered to Sponsor
CY 2020 1st half Decadal Task Starts
CY 2022 1st half Decadal Delivered to Sponsors


Earth Science and Applications from Space
CY 2017 December Decadal 2017 Delivered to Sponsors
CY 2022 2nd half 2017 Midterm Task Starts
CY 2023 2nd half 2017 Midterm Delivered to Sponsors
CY 2025 1st half Decadal 2027 Task Starts

Planetary Sciences
CY 2018 July Midterm Delivered to Sponsors
CY 2022 2nd half Decadal 2022 delivered to sponsors
CY 2023 Decadal 2022 dissemination complete


 View the Notional Decadal Survey Schedule

About the Decadal Surveys Past and Present

2010 new worlds new horizons astro 2010 report Astronomy and Astrophysics



2018 thriving ESAS cover Earth Science and Applications from Space


2012 recapturing  Biological and Physical Sciences 


2012 vision and voyages Planetary Sciences



2013 solar and space physcis  Solar and Space Physics




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Free copies of SSB reports are available as long as supplies last. To request a copy of a decadal survey report, send an e-mail message to SSB.