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Theory & Modeling and Data Exploitation Working Group

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Working Group Leads:
James F. Drake, Jr., University of Maryland
Jon A. Linker, Predictive Science, Inc.

The “Theory & Modeling and Data Exploitation” cross-disciplinary working group will examine the role that theory and modeling plays in exploring the key science issues of space and solar physics

Specific Questions this Working Group addresses:

  • What role does theory and modeling play in unraveling the complex temporal and spatial dynamics revealed by satellite and ground-based observations?
  • Can theory and modeling serve as a bridge between the “heliophysics laboratory” and the plasma universe?
  • How can we use advances in computational power to increase the physics fidelity of models and obtain deeper insights?
  • Can laboratory based experiments explore key science issues underpinning the dynamics of the heliosphere?

Theory & Modeling and Data Exploitation Working Group Members

James F. Drake, Jr., Co-Lead, University of Maryland
Jon Linker, Co-Lead, Predictive Science, Inc.
William Daughton, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jan Egedal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joe Giacalone, University of Arizona
Joseph Huba, Naval Research Laboratory
Janet Kozyra, University of Michigan
Dana Longcope, Montana State University
Mark Miesch, High Altitude Observatory
Vahe Petrosian, Stanford University
Tai D. Phan, University of California, Berkeley
Merav Opher, George Mason University
Marco Velli, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Michael Wiltberger, National Center for Atmospheric Research

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