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Working Group on Innovations, Technology, Instruments, Data Systems

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Working Group Lead
Andrew B. Christensen, Dixie State University
J. Todd Hoeksema, Stanford University

This cross-disciplinary working group will identify and prioritize cross-disciplinary approaches to technology and data systems, needed for future solar and space physics missions and research facilities.

Questions to be addressed:

  • What are the near-term mission-specific technology and data system developments to meet specific mission and facilitiy requirements?
  • What are the general technology and data system developments that will enable high-priority science on future missions?
  • What are the development needs faced by solar and space physics?
    • Instruments
      • Remote sensing, in-situ, ground-based, active
    • Spacecraft systems and technology
      • Propulsion, launchers, miniaturization, formation flying, plug-and-play standards
    • Data Systems
      • Hardware, software, data exploitation tools, virtual observations, social media

Working Group Members
Andrew Christensen, Co-Lead, Dixie State University
J. Todd Hoeksema, Co-Lead, Stanford University
Mihir Desai, Southwest Researt Institute
Keith Goetz, University of Minnesota
Joseph Gurman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Rod Heelis, University of Texas-Dallas
Gordon Hurford, University of California-Berkeley
Neal Hurlburt, Lockheed Martin
Jeff Kuhn, University of Hawaii
Ralph McNutt, Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory
Steve Mende, University of California-Berkeley
Eberhard Moebius, University of New Hampshire
Danny Morrison, Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory
Charles Swenson, Utah State University
Daniel Winterhalter, Jet Propulsion Laboratory


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