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Workforce and Education Working Group

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Working Group Lead
Mark Moldwin, University of Michigan
Cherilynn Morrow, Georgia State University

The “Workforce and Education” cross-discipline working group will serve the Decadal Survey Steering committee by identifying trends, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and strategic recommendations related to education and workforce issues in solar and space physics. 

Specific Questions this WG addresses:

  • Solar & space physics workforce: What is the current state (e.g. numbers, employment type, diversity & demographic trends)? What are future needs? What are key issues that impact these and how can they be addressed?
  • Federal Agencies, Science Community, and Professional Societies: What are their most powerful and important roles in support of education and workforce vitality in solar & space physics…now and in the next decade?
  • University programs and summer schools: What is the current state? What are strategically important future directions related to degree programs, student research opportunities, textbooks & curriculum, courses, and instruction.
  • K-12 and Informal Education: What are relevant and important trends for solar & space physics? (e.g. education standards, teacher education, science centers)

    Working Group Members
  •  Cherilynn Morrow, co-lead, Georgia State University
  • Mark Moldwin, co-lead, University of Michigan
  • Bryan Mendez, University of California, Berkeley
  • Nicholas Gross, Boston University
  • Amy Winebarger, NASA MSFC
  • Joshua Semeter, Boston University
  • James Drake, University of Maryland
  • Michael Liemohn, University of Michigan
  • Allan Weatherwax, Siena University
  • Ramon Lopez, University of Texas, Arlington
  •  To contact the Decadal Survey Team, you may email us at