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Planetary Science Decadal Survey Mission & Technology Studies

Click on any of the mission and/or technology assessment studies below to download the report.  Missions are listed in order from mission target with closest proximity to the Sun to furthest target:

Mercury Lander Mission Concept Study

Venus Mobile Explorer Mission Concept Study

Venus Intrepid Tessera Lander Concept Study

Venus Climate Mission Concept Study

Lunar Geophysical Network Concept Study

Lunar Polar Volatiles Explorer Mission Concept Study

Near Earth Asteroid Trajectory Opportunities in 2020-2024

Mars 2018 MAX-C Caching Rover Concept Study

Mars Sample Return Orbiter Mission Concept Study

Mars Sample Return Lander Mission Concept Study

Mars 2018 Sky Crane Capability Study

Mars Geophysical Network Options

Mars Geophysical Network Concept Study

Mars Polar Climate Concepts

Jupiter Europa Orbiter (component of EJSM) Concept Study

Io Observer Concept Study

Ganymede Orbiter Concept Study

Trojan Tour Concept Study

Titan Saturn System Mission

Saturn Atmospheric Entry Probe Trade Study

Saturn Atmospheric Entry Probe Mission Concept Study

Saturn Ring Observer Concept Study

Enceladus Flyby & Sample Return Concept Studies

Enceladus Orbiter Concept Study

Titan Lake Probe Concept Study

Chiron Orbiter Mission Concept Study

Uranus and Neptune Orbiter and Probe Concept Studies

Neptune-Triton-Kuiper Belt Objects Mission Concept Study

Comet Surface Sample Return Mission Concept Study

Cryogenic Comet Nucleus Sample Return Mission Technology Study

Small Fission Power System Feasibility Study


If you have questions for the Planetary Science Decadal Survey team, please send us an email at